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10 simple tips for a healthier life

10 simple tips for a healthier life

In this articles we will share 10 tips for healthy lifestyle.

1. Reeducate your thinking

A healthy life involves not only the physical, but also the person’s mind. It’s very common not to be able to adapt to a new routine when you don’t change the main thing in your body: your mind. In fact, with a healthy mind, it’s much easier to create a healthier physical routine.

There are some exercises that can help in this process, such as meditation. Doing things that relax you like listening to music and reading also helps. Believe that you are capable of change and every day repeat it.

And if possible, psychological follow-up is very important.


2. Organize your routine

Organizing the routine is fundamental to having a healthy life, because with the rush of everyday life, if we are not organized, we cannot handle everything. Those who work outside the home, for example, have to choose whether to take their meals to work or where they will eat during the day. And if the option is to take, you need to take time to cook and leave everything frozen to make your life easier.

Set aside a notebook to write down your routine: wake up and sleep times, meal and snack options, work demands. There are also already some apps that help in this organization. The ideal is to write everything down in one place, to speed up.


3. Set goals 

The change must start little by little. Therefore, set small, medium and long-term goals. Define what is important to you. For example: in the first week, take time to rest. Then, do 150 minutes of physical activity a week (the recommended by the WHO). Reeducation is a process that must be done in its own time.


4. Drink water 

Drinking water can be one of your first goals, how about it? For a long time, 2 liters a day was considered the magic number, but nowadays, the WHO indicates 35ml per kg body weight (example: a 40kg person drinks 1.4l daily, 50kg drinks 1.75L, 60kg drinks 2.1L and so on).

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t drink water, always carry a bottle with you. That way, it will be easier to remember that you need to hydrate.


5. Don’t skip meals

Remember we are talking about routine? So, if you don’t create a daily process and follow it for the long term, it’s not a routine. And that includes meals, skipping breakfast, for example, can be bad for the body. When you haven’t eaten for a long time, hunger turns into gluttony. And with that, it’s easier for you to eat some junk. Everything is a matter of organization.

If before going to bed you leave the breakfast table ready, the next day it will be enough to just pass the coffee and eat. It is also worth thinking about the snack options to consume during the day.


6. Physical activities don’t need to have hours of dedication

During the pandemic, many peoples who practice some type of physical activity increased. There are countless options, from training at home, to walking, running and the gym. If you’re not used to exercising, start with small doses. 12, 15 or 30 minute workouts can bring as many benefits as an hour’s daily practice at the gym.

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We’ve already mentioned the magic number recommended by the WHO: 150 minutes of moderate activity a week, which equates to about 20 minutes a day. Find something you like and that time will surely pass very quickly.

7. Eat light meals

It feels very good to eat, not get hungry and still not feel bloated. Especially at night, choose to have meals that include fruits, vegetables, vegetables or white meats.


8. Know what to buy in the market

Never go to the market hungry, as the chances of you buying unnecessary things are high. Choose products that range from wholegrain, organic, gluten-free and zero-sugar.


9. Go to the doctor

Find out about your body’s health. The ideal is to have a check-up once a year. If possible, also go to the nutritionist. That way, maintaining a healthy diet will be simpler.


10. Don’t cover yourself so much

We grew up accustomed to a lifestyle. So when we need to change, it has a big impact. Don’t cover yourself for not being able to change overnight. Set your goals, get organized and know that you are capable of achieving the transformation you set for yourself!

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