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200 Year Old Crystal Flute Played for First Time by Star Lizzo

200 Year Old Crystal Flute Played for First Time by Star Lizzo

Popstar Lizzo who is known for singing, dancing, producing, and above all playing the flute instrument at expert level was given a huge honor at her concert. The Library of Congress, the nation’s oldest federal cultural institution, honored Lizzo by giving her their 200 year old crystalized flute to play while on stage for a moment.

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This was a huge honor for the Superstar to be able to play this. While the instrument is 200 years old it had never been played by anyone. The flute is one of around 20 glass flutes made by French manufacturer and inventor Claude Laurent in the early 19th century — was made specifically as a present for James Madison, the fourth President of the United States, for his second inauguration in March 1813.

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What made the Library of Congress finally allow someone to play this vintage instrument? Lizzo has been a well known artist for only a few years but has made a huge impact on the world. Her character, music, and lifestyle are classy and positive, which makes her well loved by all different demographics. Being a big girl herself, she consistently  encourages body love and empowerment, especially in her hit Amazon TV-Show Watch Out for the Big Grrrls. This alone brings more positivity and awareness. Additionally, her music remains wholesome and timeless, songs anyone can listen to and enjoy. We love to see Lizzo shine! 

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