25 Year Old Man Found After Being Missing for 8 Years

On Thursday, police from the City of Houston disclosed that Rudy Farias IV, 25, had actually come back to his Texas home the day after he was reported missing 8 years ago. Although Houston officers had multiple encounters with Farias and his mother since then, the two provided fake names and birthdates to misguide them. Moreover, his mother consistently kept up the deception by claiming that Rudy was still missing.

Janie Santana, the mother of Rudy Farias, caused an uproar last week when he was discovered outside a church in Houston, Texas. Although she proclaimed the return of her son as a miracle, she was revealed to have held him captive in her own home for the last eight years, subjected him to sexual abuse, fed him hallucinogenic mushrooms, and treated him like a slave, according to a counselor

On Wednesday, Farias was witnessed with his face concealed underneath a blanket as he was taken out of a Houston hotel by counselor Quanell X. His expressions expressed deep emotion as he elaborated on his talk with the young man.

Grizzy’s Hood News uploaded footage which showcased Farias being directed out of the hotel, which he and Santana had attended for questioning. Grizzy posed the question ‘Is Rudy safe?’ to which he responded ‘We don’t know, we don’t know his mom’s with him, you tell me.’ The journalist had a sense of worry, thinking that his mother would be determined to keep him quiet permanently. It’s still uncertain as to where Rudy went after his interrogation.

Quanell stood before the press conference, situated outside the hotel, and divulged that Farias spoke up after the authorities had separated him from his mother for questioning. Quanell stated that Farias asked to talk to him separately.

Following the divide from his mother, Farias apparently revealed that he never went missing, and for the past few years, his mother had made him sleep in her bed, while forcing him to take on a parental role.

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When asked about the allegations of sexual assault, Quanell refrained from offering further information about the ‘kissing’. However, when persistently probed, he remarked ‘Let me ask you a question – if your mother tongue is kissing you in the bed with her naked, what the heck is that? This is sick.’

Finally, Farias allegedly admitted that police had identified him last week because he had taken his mother’s car in an attempt to escape from her.

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