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7 tips you should know to sleep better

7 tips you should know to sleep better

Sleeping is not only a pleasure for many, it is a basic need that all living beings must meet in order to have a full life with well-being. In the case of humans, many mental and physiological processes take place during sleep which is vital for good performance during the day. For this reason, here we bring you 7 tips to sleep better and achieve restful sleep.

1. Always go to bed at the same time

Be consistent with your bedtime and waking-up time. Make sure you do it Monday through Friday and on weekends as well. It will help you create a habit and program your brain to put you to sleep at the right time.

On the other hand, we have heard in many places that sleeping 8 hours is the healthiest, but this is not always the case. For example, in the case of children, it is recommended that they rest for 10 hours and in the case of some older adults, 7 hours is enough. It all depends on what your body requires according to your daily activities, diet, and lifestyle, among other factors.

2. Don’t eat too much before bed

Sleep tip: Don't eat junk food at night

Has it happened to you that you go to sleep full and have nightmares? This is very common and occurs because the stomach must digest a large amount of food while at complete rest, which is not beneficial at all.

To avoid sleeping badly due to indigestion, the best thing you can do is eat something light and do it at least two hours before going to bed, so the body will have time to digest food while you are awake. Also, completely avoid eating foods high in fat, sugar, and salt, because at night it is more difficult to metabolize these types of foods.

3. Prepare your sleeping space

Tip for sleeping: Relax to sleep

The best way to get to sleep, if you suffer from insomnia, is to prepare your room so that sleep comes naturally. The first thing is to turn off the light and leave only a dim lamp on, this will indicate to your brain that it is time to generate melatonin, the sleep hormone, which is more easily activated when it is dark.

On the other hand, it is a good idea to light an aromatic candle or have a vaporizer, with this you will be able to enter an atmosphere of tranquility. Additionally, look for activities that you know make you sleepy, like reading or listening to relaxing music.

4. Configure your electronic devices

Tip to sleep: Do not use the cell phone at night

Cell phones and televisions are our best friends during the day, but not so much at bedtime. The ideal is to get away from these devices at least an hour before bed, but if it is impossible for you, you can configure your smartphone with a blue light filter so that at certain times the screen shows warm or yellowish colors. Also, make sure the brightness is as low as possible.

Additionally, activate the silent mode on your cell phone so that notifications do not sound when you least want it. This option allows you to hear if someone calls you, because you never know when there will be an emergency. Although if you prefer, you can activate the do not disturb mode , so as not to hear any sound at night.

5. Exercise, but not before bed

Tip for sleeping: Do not exercise before bed

Physical activity is a great ally to having a healthy life and spending energy during the day if you are not a person with a very busy life. This will help you a lot to feel the need to sleep at night, but you should absolutely avoid doing it at least two hours before bed, because exercise activates the brain, blood pressure, and many muscles at the same time, and you do not want that before sleep.

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The best time to exercise is in the morning, precisely so that you start the day with a lot of energy with your mind activated to face daily activities such as studying or working.

6. Don’t nap during the day

Sleep Tip: Don't Nap

If you are a person who has trouble sleeping at night, it is best to avoid sleeping during the day. It can be difficult at first, especially after lunch, but with time you will get there. As we mentioned before, it is best to create the habit and teach the brain to feel sleepy only at night.

Although this can vary, if you are a person who sleeps normally, taking a nap from time to time will not hurt you.

7. Avoid viewing content that upsets you

Sleep tip: Don't watch stimulating movies

Action, suspense or horror movies can be very entertaining, but try not to watch them before bed. This type of content will keep you on your toes and completely keep you from being sleepy, as you are mentally prepared to fight or flight. This is quite the opposite when seeking to rest properly.

Also, do not listen to or read about sensitive and violent topics, since your mind will be active and this can disturb the moment of sleep, bringing you negative thoughts when you are trying to fall asleep.

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