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8 Things That Could Happen During the Writer’s Strike

8 Things That Could Happen During the Writer’s Strike

The Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers are at an impasse.

Two key issues are surrounding WGA’s contract which prompt a walkout: streaming services and artificial intelligence.

Writers say they want better compensation and protections. Their existing contract expires Monday May 1st. Here’s 8 things that could happen:

1. Late night, other live-format shows, television, and film can be impacted.

2. Reruns will be forced without writers.

3. Actors or directors may choose not to come to work.

4. Strike can lead to an increase in reality TV and international programming.

5. Promising shows could be canceled simply because they couldn’t be finished.

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6. Viewers might not see a change there until the end of the year if the strike went that long.

7. Structural changes in the industry may occur such as episode orders are shrinking, rooms getting smaller, and the new market forcing streamers to save wherever they can.

8. Producers and studios will not hear pitches for original projects or open writing assignments, and the WGA is not allowed to hire any non-union writers to complete any work.

Are they right?

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