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A Must See Film: WOMAN IN THE MAZE Featuring Meredith VanCuyk

A Must See Film: WOMAN IN THE MAZE Featuring Meredith VanCuyk

Woman in the Maze is a heart-clenching thriller about a young woman, Gabbi, who goes on a work trip and rents a house out of a town famous for being haunted. She doesn’t believe the rumors until she’s forced to see the truth. 

This film written by Scott Gore has a familiar storyline with a creative twist. From a cinematic and darker perspective, the theme only added to the genuine and consistent elements of surprise. The true suspense comes from the fact that the movie is based on a true story. “America’s largest ghost town” called Jerome in Arizona is the town where protagonist Gabbi stays while visiting. The town is considered haunted since 9000 people died at a hospital there during the early 20th century. While Gabbi doesn’t believe in ghosts, she is faced with  paranormal activity that cannot go unnoticed. 

Led by wonderful and talented actress, Meredith VanCuyk, she does a fabulous job of portraying the character Gabbi who is forced to see the truth of the town. Her performance was nothing short of believable. She really brought the character to life and made me truly care about the outcome of the story. It was easy to empathize with her and I became more invested in the story. 

Left to Right: Joey Heywoth – Renee Garcia – Meredith VanCuyk – Mitesh Patel

During the Q+A at the exclusive premiere, Meredith had the opportunity to discuss her favorite scene:

“My favorite scene to film was our first scene together [to co-star Joey Heyworth] where he was banging on the door and the pineapple. I was running around like ‘what the hell are you doing here’. That was so fun, it was our first night working together. It was like three in the morning; it was a blast.”

Director and producer Mitesh Patel  spoke of his experience working with the cast, “The cast was great, they did an amazing job so I have no complaints about that. They were ready. I was talking with Meredith a year before we started the production. She had the script ready for that, she was preparing”. 

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Patel goes on to discuss how long it took to shoot the film. “The production was 15 days but we spent 1 year to do the script and another year to do the editing so about 2 years,” he explains.

A lot of work went in to the film and it shows. More here.

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