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Artist Vito Montagni to Unveil Exclusive Artworks at UAE Tour with Gatsby Randolph

Artist Vito Montagni to Unveil Exclusive Artworks at UAE Tour with Gatsby Randolph

In September 2023, the highly anticipated UAE tour of Gatsby Randolph, the exclusive distributor of Vito Montagni’s artworks, will feature the debut of “unattainable artworks.” These never-before-seen original works by Vito Montagni will be showcased during live exhibitions. However, access to these exclusive pieces will be restricted to collectors who are part of Gatsby Randolph’s whisper listing and meet certain requirements.

The collaboration between Gatsby Randolph and Vito Montagni was born out of a series of exclusive events and encounters during Montagni’s European tour. Their journey began at Ferrari and continued with a VIP-desk event at the Monaco Grand Prix. Following a successful European tour, the duo is set to expand their tour globally, with their next stop being Dubai, UAE. If you’ve seen the movie “Who is Gatsby Randolph?” you can expect the upcoming events to exude the unmistakable “Gatsby style.”

JD McCrary, the Lion King actor, shared his excitement in an exclusive interview, stating, “Hollywood is already very excited about the next step, because Vito Montagni is raising everybody’s standards with his art. It’s never been done before; the way he expresses his art is very distinctive and detailed.” This extraordinary partnership promises to inject fresh energy into the realms of contemporary art and luxury.

About Vito Montagni:

Vito Montagni, the enigmatic contemporary artist, made a sudden and impactful entrance into the art world. Introduced as the “unattainable artist” by JD McCrary in Hollywood in December, Montagni’s very first exhibition took place at the Louvre Abu Dhabi. In a remarkable feat, the “unattainable artist” discreetly displayed his artifact, the Venetian bauta mask, among the world-renowned golden artifact masks in the museum. The audacious stunt, which went unnoticed by museum staff, was captured on film and in photographs, and these records will be unveiled during Gatsby Randolph’s World tour.

Last year, Vito Montagni’s work could also be found in official Ferrari dealerships and the heart of Maranello as part of the Ferrari art project, which will be integrated into their upcoming tour. The rest of the tour’s program remains a closely guarded secret for the fortunate invitees.

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About Gatsby Randolph:

Gatsby Randolph is the captivating alter ego of Kobie Randolph, who transformed himself into a prominent Hollywood celebrity. Initially an obscure music producer known for hosting parties, Kobie ventured to Los Angeles and introduced Gatsby Randolph – the suave, cigar-puffing embodiment of Renaissance elegance – to Hollywood’s elite. Gatsby’s A-list parties attracted luminaries like Beyoncé, Jeff Bezos, Jimmy Kimmel, Jay Z, Heidi Klum, Oprah, the Kardashians, Quincy Jones, and Stevie Wonder, among others. Gatsby’s foray into the art world was equally successful, as his first art show raked in over $350,000 in a single day. His journey eventually led him to the Oscars Awards, where he held an Oscar in his hand. This incredible true story became the basis for the movie “Who is Gatsby Randolph?” Now, with the upcoming UAE tour in September 2023, a new chapter unfolds, inviting audiences to ponder what’s in store in “Who is Gatsby Randolph Part II.” Are you prepared for the next enthralling installment?


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