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Bessie Hendricks, Oldest Recorded Person Alive, Dies at age 115

Bessie Hendricks, Oldest Recorded Person Alive, Dies at age 115

The oldest woman in the country, Bessie Hendricks died at 115 years old. Born in 1907, Bessie had lived through two world wars, The Great Depression, the civil rights movement, COVID-19, and so much more. Ms. Hendricks was a true witness to history of incredible changes to society with technological advancements –  from horse-drawn carriages to supersonic planes, from small-town living to living in bustling metropolises.

It is truly remarkable that Bessie was able to live long enough to witness these changes.


Ms. Hendricks was married in 1930 to her partner Paul until he passed in 1995. Together they were blessed with 5 children, three of which are still living. In addition she has 9 grandchildren, 28 great grandchildren, and 42 great-grandchildren.

She spent her life teaching and doing good for others. “A strong will and love of family keep Bessie going,” a care center administrator said on her birthday in 2019 which was November 7th. She appreciates life so much” the administrator added.

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Ms. Hendrick’s passing is a reminder of how quickly time passes by and how lucky we are to have been alive during this time period.

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