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Billy McFarland Says Fyre Festival II is Happening

Billy McFarland Says Fyre Festival II is Happening

Event organizer Billy McFarland announced on April 9 that the infamous music festival is making a return.

“Fyre Festival II is finally happening,” McFarland wrote on Twitter. “Tell me why you should be invited.”

The real question is: Would you even go?!

In case you don’t recall the first Fyre Festival nightmare back in , here’s this documentary trailer to jog your memory:

The conclusion was that Billy and Ja Rule’s event was ultimately a scam. What was supposed to be the best trip of these people’s lives ended up being the worst.

As attendees arrived at the island and where they were sleeping, what they saw was described “sea of little white tents”. People believed they were just passing through until they were dropped off there.

“There was a disbelief on the bus. A lot of people thought that, oh, you know, maybe we’re passing through this area. You know, our villas are just on the other side,” an unknown attendee said.

Additionally there was no plumbing, electricity; it was basically camping with strangers.

While Billy may have meant well, professionals told Billy on multiple occasions different things required to be in place before an event like this can take place. However, eager Billy pushed along forward. Organizers of the event didn’t even get paid.

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Some of the festival organizers accuse Bahamans of trying to take matters into their own hands: “After the locals realized they weren’t going to get paid, some of them started putting hits out on people,” consultant Marc Weinstein said, “either to take them hostage and then get ransom, or just to hurt and injure.” Event producer Andy King said he had to hide behind a urinal and then duck into a car in order to get away from the festival property.

It’s intriguing that after all this and more, Billy will be putting on Fyre Festival II. Ja Rule made sure to come out with a statement that he is in no way involved in this sequel:

“I don’t know nothing about it” he told PEOPLE magazine at the 50 Years of Hip Hop event in NYC. “I don’t know nothing about it,. I ain’t in it!”

Netflix called their Fyre Festival documentary, “The Greatest Party That Never Happened”.

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