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Cardi B Shares Details on Breakup with Offset

Cardi B Shares Details on Breakup with Offset

Grammy-winning rapper Cardi B revealed in an emotional Instagram video post that she and her husband, Migos member Offset, are separating after one year of marriage. The couple privately wed in September 2017, a fact not made public until June 2018, shortly before Cardi gave birth to their daughter Kulture in July.

In the video, Cardi clarified that the split is amicable and that she and Offset remain good friends and business partners. However, the pair have faced relationship struggles in the public eye before, with Cardi calling out Offset’s infidelity in lyrics from her hit song “Be Careful” earlier this year. She also recently opened up to W Magazine about the nonstop rumors surrounding her husband’s fidelity and the toll they have taken.

Despite the heartache of parting ways, Cardi emphasized that she wishes Offset nothing but the best, while making it clear that their main focus now is continuing to co-parent their infant daughter.

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