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Cherie Johnson is a woman full of endless opportunities

Cherie Johnson is a woman full of endless opportunities

American actress extraordinaire, author, columnist, producer, executive producer, and writer Cherie Johnson has graced our television screens since the early ’80s. Appearing on Punky Brewster at the age of six, which later expanded into a cartoon series, gave Cherie the first opportunity to showcase her acting skills. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Cherie started her life as an actress but has become much, much more. She is now a phenomenal mother, a flourishing entrepreneur, a published author, and a movie producer. She also currently runs a weekly podcast that touches on all realms of her life including current events, relationships, health, and wellness.

Cherie has been utilizing all of her skills to create multiple businesses she is proud of. She currently offers private year-round acting courses where she prepares aspiring actors before going into auditions. These classes are marketed via Instagram, Twitter, and or word of mouth. She is also a superb writer and became a founder of Cherrific Publishing, publishing five novels and two children’s books. One of her own and the other “Cucumbers Are Delicious,” was written by her daughter and can be found at Cherie’s knowledge doesn’t just stop there.


Being that she has been a certified Nutritionist since the age of 18, she was always intrigued by good health and bringing wellness to the body. She opened up her establishment, with a partner, four years ago in Miami, FL, called, K.I.A.N (Keeping It All Natural) Beauty and Wellness Center. She assists women in all stages of life to love themselves. With this, she offers different products and procedures ranging from laser sculpting to pain management. She prides herself in using organic products to bring about the betterment of one’s life. Cherie is currently promoting her hair care products; a shampoo that doubles as a body wash with all-natural ingredients. In addition to her wellness center, she’s also making strides in other avenues.


On her new podcast Cherie’s World, every week she brings on different guests to talk about life love accomplishments, and current events happening in the world. She and her partner Courtney have a bit of an unorthodox selection of guests and it always works out. Cherie also offers advertising for non-celebrities and celebrities through her podcast, whether they are placing the ad or the owner of the business themselves. She has her heart set on helping those around her.


Her ultimate goal is to be happy; genuinely happy. She always wants to be able to share what she knows because she believes that, “Each one teaches one.” She wants to help aid people with ailments using natural materials and ingredients. And most important, Cherie wants to make her black community healthy, happy, and safe.

Cherie Johnson is one of the most talented stars we have ever seen, and we will continue to see more of her in the years to come!

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