Meet Unique Visionary & the Next Elon Musk, Clifton Alexander

So, you want to be famous? You are going to need a professional, meet Clifton Alexander…if you can get an appointment. It is literally in this man’s job description to take you to the place with the most amount of eyes watching. 

Clifton has no “shelf space” ; everything he touches moves. Nothing sits still and that is how I believe he got to where he is now. When just about everything he touches turns into GOLD. It is something that cannot be hidden for long. 

Word gets around and those who know, know which team to be on: The WINNING TEAM. And that most certainly is the team Clifton has pulled together. He is unstoppable. He is a tech mogul owning over 6 tech companies.

He shared with me a story that I wanted to include because it shows how not to give up. When he first started, he would manage artists and musicians. A recording artist which I’m not going to mention any names did him wrong. The artist dropped him when he got a recording deal, so he was left having to start over again. What an inspiration to pick yourself up from an experience like that and continue to move forward and succeed the way he has now.

His roster of clients where he handles social media monetization is impressive. From Jordin Sparks, Ray J, Mannie Fresh, and Lomar Odom to French Montana, Dj Whoo Kid, Claudia Jordan, Styles P, Jessica Rich, and Angel Brinks just to name a few.

I asked him what advice he has for those that want to be famous. He said, “Consistency.” He made several examples of what that meant but one that stayed in my mind was Shakespeare and how he documented everything. He had a lot of plays and so the more he had and that’s how he made history. Also, basketball players and how they document on TV and their games get put on tv over and over and boom everyone is watching the game. 

So, basically document everything. Write, record, film and action and keep doing that over and over and in no time it will happen. He said, “Don’t give up!” You see a lot of people give up and that’s why they don’t succeed because they give up on the content.

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He moves and uplifts with the highest-level performers, entertainers, and other creative and interpretive artists. They say, “Timing is everything.” Well, I think it is safe to say, “It’s Clifton’s Time.” I can’t wait to see what else Clifton Alexander has in store for us because a mogul does not stop, they keep growing.

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