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Destiny Rogers Reveals Who She Really Is

Destiny Rogers Reveals Who She Really Is

Destiny Rogers is out and proud for #nationalcomingoutday. According to a heartfelt post she made this morning, this has been a long time coming and she could not be happier.

Rolling Stone had the honor of featuring the debut story after one on one interview with the singer. In the article it states her immediate family knows about her bisexuality but the parents supportiveness is questionable. “Her mom declined to comment for this story; her father — a worship leader at his church for 30 years — tells Rolling Stone that her attraction to women is a “blatant sin,” but that he refrains from “casting judgment” on his daughter. “There are things I deal with that I must constantly seek the Lord’s help for,” he says. “We all have our struggles.””


Standing out as a bisexual musician is a strength that only inspires the world. Coming from a Christian background as she did, many many people feel extremely oppressed and unable to be who they truly are due to “rules” of the faith or Bible. Fear of judgment and depression can come easily in the community.


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As progressive as America has been, things like racism, sexism, and hate toward certain groups still exist. It is artists like Rogers who can bring light to these issues and make a positive change just by being who they are. Let people know that it is okay to be who you want to be. Living under shame and guilt is not really living at all.


Being in the limelight gives musicians, actors, models a gateway to promoting acceptance and unconditional love through their platforms. We look forward to hearing more from Destiny Rogers as she continues to flourish in her career.

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