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Do you know what your style is?

Do you know what your style is?

However, many people still have trouble figuring out which style represents them or are undecided between more than one. Therefore, today we are going to bring you a lot of legal information and references for you to get to know each one of them better and find out what fits best.


As the name implies, this style encompasses all those pieces, models, colors and trims that give a romantic, delicate and very feminine look to the wearer. To make the concept more visual before we show the references, think about Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly in the 50s.

If you like ruffles, lace, pastel colors (those very light ones, you know?), defined waist, rounded necklines, floral prints and full skirts, this is definitely your style. But the look doesn’t have to be 100% obvious either. It can be mixed with other pieces to “break the sweetness” with a boot, for example.

Basic or casual

The keyword here is timelessness! With a set of basic (or not so), comfortable and versatile pieces, this style promises to be your best friend in the day to day rush and in all kinds of tasks. If you love to be comfortable, but still keep the joviality and modernity, bet on casual!


Did I hear anyone say they’re a Scorpio out there? Signs aside, the sexy style features cleavage, transparencies, animal print, lingerie, high heels, fitted modeling and everything that screams how daring, intense and sensual you are (but don’t worry because that doesn’t necessarily mean vulgar) .

Believe it or not, it’s possible to have the sexy style without showing too many body parts. And if that excited you, know that you can bet on one-shoulder pieces, or midi length, for example. The secret, in this case, is to choose only one part of the body to show at a time, trust us!


It’s not just the basic style that values ​​comfort. In urban, in addition to this characteristic, it is very important that the looks have presence. But how? With oversized models , few prints (generally small and geometric) and “heavier” shoes, such as sneakers, low boots, boots and all with tractor soles.


If you’re part of the classic style, you’re hand in hand with elegance, honey. Invest in straight cuts, neutral colors, quality fabrics and models that have a great fit and value your body. And this is where those crazy about tailoring, cotton, satin and linen come together!

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Although in the minimalist style we focus on the basics rather than the elegant, there is also a focus on straight cuts, good and durable fabrics, as well as the classic. And, to differentiate itself from the casual style, the minimalist focuses on neutral and sober colors, clean accessories , generally imitating lines and geometric shapes, and few prints (poá and stripes can be the two most present).


If you’ve heard the name and thought of white and earthy tones, you’re right! The style was heavily influenced by cowboys, gypsies and peasants and is also formed by many fringes, hats, suede, knitting, cowboy boots and handcrafted items. All with that “natural” air, you know?


This one is for those who are more “rocker”. You know that style coming from the rock bands of the 80’s/90’s, full of leather, eyelets, black and band t-shirts? It’s the crunge! But to get out of the obvious, other pieces and models that are part of this style are the destroyed jeans and jackets , oversized and All Star looks .

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