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Donald Trump to Pay E. Jean Carroll $5 Million for Sexual Abuse

Donald Trump to Pay E. Jean Carroll $5 Million for Sexual Abuse

On Tuesday, a federal jury in New York found former president Donald Trump liable for sexually abusing and forcibly touching writer E. Jean Carroll at a department store in the 1990s. He’s also guilty of defaming her last fall when he denied her claim.

The jury awarded Carroll $5 million in compensatory and punitive damages.

As we’ve seen, Trump was facing 36 charges, including tax fraud, campaign finance violations, obstruction of justice, and bank fraud. He is also facing charges related to his alleged attempts to influence the outcome of the 2016 election. Trump’s legal team is fighting the charges, claiming that he is innocent of any wrongdoing. If the charges are proven, Trump could face prison time and hefty fines. The charges could also have serious implications for his political career. In the meantime, the legal battle is ongoing and the outcome of the case remains to be seen.

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