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Drake Ordered to Appear in Court for Xxxtentacion’s Murder Trail

Drake Ordered to Appear in Court for Xxxtentacion’s Murder Trail

Let us briefly review the saga between Drake and XXXTentacion, the two influential hip hop artists. Their dispute had sparked months prior to the rapper’s tragic death. It began when XXX accused Drake of copying his flow from his song Look at Me which the Canadian star denied. Although the melody of Drake’s KMT bore resemblance to X’s Look At Me, he still dismissed the accusation.

The music artist is facing a court order to either sit for a deposition or appear in court in connection with the ongoing trail. 

The situation quickly became heated with XXX going as far as attacking Drake’s mother and hurling numerous direct insults at him. On the other hand, Drake chose to remain relatively silent, although, as he had previously done with Kanye West, he did employ subtle jabs at his opponent in his music and music videos. 

While Kanye was more serious in reacting to these threats, XXX appeared to be less intimidated. The Floridian artist went so far as to claim on his Instagram account that Drake would be the one responsible if he was to get killed – something he later stated was a result of a hack.

To add to the suspicion of the rapper’s fans, it was claimed that Drake had lifted X’s idea for God’s Plan. Indeed, X had long been publicly distributing his own money to impoverished students and the underprivileged, prior to Drake’s grand charity event. The Canuck artist had travelled to X’s hometown, Miami, for the generosity event. Why had he left his home of Toronto for XXX’s city? Many considered it to be a strange and suspicious move.

In Drake’s song ‘Sicko Mode’, there is a scene featuring a character which bore a resemblance to XXX getting hit and killed by a meteor. Soon after, the real life artist passed away, shocking the entire hip hop world.

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It is important to remember that these superstars have many fans and supporters. It may not be the artist themselves that one should worry about, but their fanatics. We can see this by what happened to an Indian rapper who had offended the late Nipsey Hussle. It is important for upcoming rappers to think twice before disrespecting more established figures.


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