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Dylan Berry: An Entrepreneur, Advocate, and Artist

Dylan Berry: An Entrepreneur, Advocate, and Artist

Entertainment Executive and Consultant Dylan Berry is known for his versatility and his ability to succeed in a variety of fields. He is a creative thinker and a risk-taker, and he is always looking for new opportunities. He is also a passionate advocate for artists and entrepreneurs.

Berry began his career as a drummer in a local band. He was later signed to Sony Music and ended up on a short tour with an Allstar band called Trulio Disgracius. After moving to Hollywood, he worked in television as a prop master and art director. He eventually transitioned to music production, composing music for hundreds of television shows and films.

In 2008, Berry founded SmashHaus, a music production platform that connects music producers with clients around the world. SmashHaus has been used by most of the major media companies and hit shows such as the Oscars, American Idol, and MTV.

Berry is also the one of the first five in Badanamu and Creative Director, TV producer for their early childhood education company that grew to be number 3 globally and has been valued at $2 billion. Badanamu creates educational content for children, including songs, videos, and games.

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Apart from his contributions to the entertainment industry, Berry, has established himself as a thriving entrepreneur, super connector with ventures including the founding of several companies, among them a consulting firm specializing in guiding businesses within the entertainment sector looking to scale in the U.S. and beyond.

Berry is renowned for his innovative thinking, penchant for taking calculated risks, and unceasing pursuit of fresh opportunities. He also stands as a fervent champion for artists and entrepreneurs alike.

Indeed, Berry embodies the quintessential Renaissance figure within the entertainment realm. An accomplished entrepreneur with an unwavering advocate for artists, he serves as a beacon of inspiration for those seeking to leave their indelible mark on the industry. 

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