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Ezra Miller Found Innocent of Alleged Inappropriate Behavior

Ezra Miller Found Innocent of Alleged Inappropriate Behavior

The restraining order against The Flash star, Ezra Miller, expired on July 1st and they have now released a statement about the accusations of misconduct against a 12-year-old non-binary individual made by the child’s mother. Miller expressed gratitude for the result, while condemning media outlets that “recklessly spread false claims”.

Miller’s supporters took to social media to proclaim their innocence with the statement, “Ezra Miller is not guilty.” With no pending legal action against the non-binary actor, some still demanded they address the incidents such as their Hawaii arrest and choking of a woman.

Although Miller didn’t specifically address the other issues, their lawyer issued a statement saying that, “Ezra does not deny that in the midst of their struggle that they have made mistakes and behaved at times in ways they wish they could take back.” This could be referring to situations like the mocking of authorities on Instagram.

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