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Up & Coming Artist Francesco Antonio Has New Music to Suit Your Mood

Up & Coming Artist Francesco Antonio Has New Music to Suit Your Mood

Toronto native, Francesco Antonio AKA Espresso, has always been a performer and
entertainer. While attending high-school, his talents were noticed and embraced by his drama
teacher. Francesco felt like acting made him somebody who had something to offer and upon
completing a four-year University program at York- University he performed at a showcase at
Soul Pepper Theatre in Toronto, where Francesco was discovered by Jana Abrams, an agent
also in Toronto, that wanted to give him a shot. He was mainly focused on acting which led him
to some dynamic opportunities that would surely change his life.

In 2018, he launched a production company called Thirteenth Media where he created
content for others including music videos, short films, and promotional content. He’s worked
with celebrities such as Bob Saget, Jennifer Hudson and Robin Thicke. While making strides
with this production company, Francesco continued to work on his other ventures as he
“believed in the dream.” This all took place while Francesco took on acting roles, further making
a name for himself.

Francesco was able to demonstrate his acting abilities in Bad Blood on Netflix opposite
Kim Coates, and Wayne for Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick which was rated
one of the top five shows to stream by the LA Times. In Wayne, Francesco played a character
named Reggie the villain with gold teeth and a pet alligator. Francesco now just finished filming
the movie Vandits, where he stars opposite Rob Wells from Trailer Park Boys and Jann Arden ,
to be released this November. As acting is Francesco’s ultimate passion, music has come
naturally to him as well.

After starting his production company, Francesco recorded a song titled Espresso in his
friends’ basement. Much to his surprise the song went viral had 50k views and had radio play for
10 weeks. Shortly after he met Toronto Reggae Star SNOW at 4Sound Studio and was signed to
his DKO Music Group as one of the first artists. As a group they recorded the song Together,
alongside fellow artists Balam Kiel, and William Dinero This song was featured on E Talk new
and featured with 150K views.

In discovering himself as a recording artist, Francesco wanted to be able to tell both
stories of his past and present. This is how Espresso, the caffeine indulgent bad-boy with no filter
became Francesco’s alter ego.

Espresso is the guy that holds onto the bad past with the Slim Shady rapper vibes where
as Francesco Antonio is a positive vessel that creates platforms to help everybody all the time,
who is kind, but also has an edge. You will either relate to one or the other or understand both
through his music.

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Francesco Antonio AKA Espresso currently has three production companies Phoenix &
Ram Media, Creative Social and Woodbridge Media Inc. that create social media content, film
music videos and documentaries, photo shoots, TV pilots and even has had visual work
published in Rolling Stones Magazine. His music career is flourishing just as his acting career.
His new single titled Help, to be distributed by Sony Orchard. It was heard September 8th, the
opening night of TIFF at a private release party, and the song and video were released
September 9th on all music platforms.

IG: Francesco.Antonio
Youtube: Francesco Antonio

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