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Glow Up with Ciara’s Skincare Line OAM

Glow Up with Ciara’s Skincare Line OAM

R&B/Pop music artist Ciara has come out with her own line of skin care with company OAM. The abbreviation OAM stands for “On a Mission”. What makes this line of skin care special is that it is clinical level. Three years of research and studies have led to the birth of this new line. The website says it is A simple, clinical level system for radiant, healthy skin”.

On the OAM Instagram page the singer takes us behind the scenes of the creation and work with the new skin brand.



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Achieving youthfulness into older age is often the goal for both men and women beginning in their late 20s to early 30s. While some utilize skincare, most focus on immediate results with Botox, fillers, etc., and frankly services that will not keep an individual looking good for long. In 2002 the FDA approved Botox use. Fast forward to a study in 2020 that found  2,503,229 Americans used Botox in that year alone. It is safe to say people are heavy reliant on what Botox, fillers, etc. can do for their skin in the moment rather than focusing on preventative and healthier or more natural solutions to last through old age.

Let’s be real, most of us want to live long healthy lives and look good while doing so. While the vast population is more vain than say our grandparents generation, wrinkles and age spots are simply horrifying to a millennial or gen-z’er. Another study by sociologists from Ohio State University uncovered a disturbing trend: Generations X and Y — that second group are generally known as millennials — are aging really poorly. According to their research, which was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, a downward trend of physiological, psychological, and behavioral health patterns began in baby boomers and then continued through gen X and especially millennials. In Western medicine people focus on treating symptoms rather than long term effects which is a huge reason the great declining health of the younger generations is extremely prevalent. Rather than focusing on how to take care of their bodies now, it is all about a quick fix.

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Celebrities like Ciara bringing positive solutions to the masses such as this new skin care line ultimately focuses on preventative measures for the skin and hopefully get the younger generations excited for skincare. 

The other end of this is the minority aspect of skin care. Skin care for African-Americans is completely different than those of other skin types and colors. As Ciara also represents the Black culture, her team at OAM has created a skin brand that is user friendly for African-Americans as well. Ciara stated in a recent interview that she “wants to cater to all skin types and skin tones” with her newest skincare brand.

Ciara says she has been using OAM for the last two years which includes an entire vitamin C “radiance system” to achieve a healthy glow. It is now ready and available for purchase. Both men and women, start taking care of your skin with OAM.

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