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Grammy Award Winner Septimius the Great is the Definition of Self Made

Grammy Award Winner Septimius the Great is the Definition of Self Made

They call him “Septimius the Great” and his story begins in 2010 when Septimius went through a tough breakup. During a time of loss and what could have been defeat, he decided it was time to reinvent himself completely. This called for a name change, hence “Septimius the Great”, and the start of his music career. 

Septimius truly wanted to focus on being a better person and following through on his music career. However, his “friends thought he was crazy” because he had never been involved in music previously; no choir, no piano lessons – it was all brand new. Therefore, he was determined to be different and stand out in a unique way among all the talented artists out there. 

A former Roman emperor named Septimius Severus inspired his stage name “Septimius the Great”. From there he was ready to make his first banger which was “I Am Fashion” created for a fashion show which is about fashion labels and dressing well. The music scene quickly became his passion.


Did you connect with anyone who helped you grow as an artist?

“I connected with several people,” he replied. He went on to discuss a podcaster who co-wrote “I Am Fashion” with him, which evolved to meeting a big producer and creating the “I Am Fashion Remix”. The song “I Am Fashion 2.0” followed which received international recognition, and was featured on hit reality competition America’s Got Talent and Rich Kids of Beverly Hills which catapulted his career. 

What inspired the music you write?

Septimius said, “Musically the only thing that really shaped me as a brand is my love for fashion and runway modeling in high school, and growing up listening to house music. To him, it was easy to fall into the “basic” categories, but he wanted to create a whole different person. Some of his biggest inspirations are Lady Gaga, Will.I.Am, Prince and Michael Jackson, all artists who step outside of the box when it comes to their music and persona.  

Septimius was doing so well, the people wanted more. When he started his own brand he went to radio stations. A few A&R’s said he has an international sound and suggested he start a career overseas. In 2012 he released an EP and in 2013 he went on a mini-European tour in Italy, France, and Spain. He also did pop ups in different night clubs in the Caribbean and Dubai. This was all possible by his own hand. The growing artist was doing this all on his own, acting as his own manager and tour planner; contacting labels and producers overseas to get this together. What he noticed is that it was easier to break into the industry overseas. 

“I did notice that overseas or in Europe it was so much easier; my style of dressing, my way of thinking, the type of music, everything fit so much better over there,” he explained.

In 2016 his first full album of 13 songs “To Be Emperor” was released; “a mix of dance/upbeat with house foundation fused with hip-hop and as many genres as possible.” The album includes R&B singers, Opera singers, Indie, and all songs are danceable. Having multicultural music was important to him. He told me “I visually see it (the music) and then I build the song around it, because I’m a dreamer and lover of different people and different cultures.”

Do you have a favorite moment in your career so far?

“Favorite moments include: One, being a Grammy winner this year (2023) for Best Reggae Album in collaboration with fellow artist Kabaka Pyramid for an album called “The Calling”. Two, funny but memorable, I appeared  as a contestant on America’s Got Talent because he was discovered from the hit song “I Am Fashion”. Three Moving to Los Angeles five months ago. Since I moved, it’s been nonstop with events and film festivals.”


Who is your music most similar to or do you feel your sound is completely unique? 

Whose music mine is most similar to is Will.I.Am; musically, business wise, and visionary wise.


What’s next for Septimius the Great?

“I have a new album coming out in June called “Septimius 2.0”, he said.

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He also has two films to be released this year in which he is an actor; one being an African-American fusion film and another is a television series called “Thirty” which will be out on all platforms this summer.  

What I admire about Septimius the Great, is he knows how to work business! He will always negotiate to have his music placed in the films he is part of. 

Before the pandemic in 2019, an author and film director from London discovered him and happened to be writing a book about the real Septimius Severus. The writer/director contacted him about playing the main character in his new film and they have been working on this the last few years. Besides this exciting project, Septimius continues to network and is often offered different roles. 


What advice can you give to the aspiring artists?

“The biggest advice I have…it sounds cliche, but be yourself and have fun! Don’t try to idolize other people in your lane. It’s best to look at people outside of your lane to get your inspiration from because it’s easy to fall into the “cookie cutter” and easy to be like the latest look alike. If you want to have longevity, stick to your passion, not try to look or be like someone. Be comfortable with what’s original. My Three step formula is to sound good, look good and be memorable.” 


Check out Septimius the Great on all platforms @septimiusthegreat

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