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Grow Your Social Media with These Tips

Grow Your Social Media with These Tips

Social media has become bigger than anyone could have ever thought. These days, you could potentially be considered irrelevant without it. It is the main tool to grow with your business or as an individual through having your own page(s). Platforms such as Instagram change their algorithms constantly and the chance at grabbing any exposure possible leaves you playing the game to keep up or stand out. Here are some great tools for the best social media presence that will earn your success:


The Platforms to get you started.

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Linktree 
  • TikTok 

You’re winning already if you have these six platforms. With each of these social media platforms, you will reach new audiences which brings the opportunity for more connections whether that be in friendship or business. Having a Linktree is the icing on top of the cake. This is an easy way to set up a website for yourself or business where people who check it out can easily access direct links to your product or services. 

Even set up a nice photo and choose a theme based on your taste. 


Post Consistently.

I’m sure this is something you have heard already, especially if you are a business owner. Posting on your page every day can be a chore for some and a lifestyle for others. Whichever side you fall on, find a happy medium. Posting daily truly can boost engagement, however, taking a much needed one day break is not only great for keeping up with the ever-changing algorithms but emotional and mental health as well. While social media is a great tool for business or keeping up with friends and family, it is also known to take a toll on inner health. 

Studies show starting your day without technology by not using the phone or any electronics for the first hour after you wake up can make all the difference in your operations throughout the day. 

While taking these notes into consideration, on days and times when you do decide to post keep in mind:

  • Insights: Keep track of your audience and who watches your content 
  • Post 5-10 stories daily and your wall at least once daily to stay relevant 
  • Think outside the box: get creative with your content. Try not to do what everyone else is doing. 



Tell a story, your story.

Sometimes people are afraid to show who they really are. Often people flaunt their glitz and glamour, hiding the nitty gritty of real life. Sure, who doesn’t want to see a couple on a romantic vacation in the most beautiful part of the Maldives, or the abs that someone shows off? This is not always realistic though. What did it take for that couple to go on that vacation or for that person to get their abs? The audience wants you to relate with them. Show your day to day realities or share your story. Maybe you lost 50 pounds last year and you’re keeping off the weight for winter. Maybe you lost a job promotion and decided to start your own company. Maybe you’ve started homeschool your children. Whatever the case, don’t hide and you will attract more people.

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Don’t forget to engage with the people who are connecting with you. This means:


  • Responding to all comments and private messages
  • Leaving love on other people’s posts or stories


Bring value.

Quality content is the key to success. Get the angles and lighting for your pictures and videos, a great camera or even phone (iPhone works great) can do wonders. The way your content appears to others can make all the difference in whether or not they follow you. In addition, the subjects you discuss and even captions will keep them coming back for more. Stand out and allow your work to shine through. 

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