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How DeWana Green Turned a Cancer Scare into a Thriving Business

How DeWana Green Turned a Cancer Scare into a Thriving Business

One of the most important things people prioritize especially since the pandemic is their health. Health cannot and should not be taken lightly, and this is why DeWana Green developed the company Anecdote Naturals six years ago. She had a defining moment around this time when she had a potential breast cancer scare and she knew it was time to make serious health changes in her life. Her vision didn’t end with her though and that is how she became the owner and founder of Anecdote Naturals. 

Green began to develop a natural deodorant for personal use. She understood that the skin is our largest organ and should be treated as such. She started sharing this with friends and they told her to sell it. Then she got ideas to make natural candles and other products and it turned into a full-fledged business.

Green mentioned that she commits herself to excellence. She said “I’m ALWAYS revising how we make our products and our processes. We get better each time.” Part of her daily routine includes beginning every day with meditation and getting her 10,000 steps in. Self-care is key to success. Like most successful business owners, you have to start somewhere and challenges will be faced. She says, “The biggest challenge has been funding the business myself.  I have A LOT of my own money invested in the business.”

Growing up in foster care and also living homeless as a young mom has made her who she is today. “Relentless tenacity” is something she’s learned along the way. Green was also the first in her family to graduate college and she stops at nothing to “break barriers and set trends in the industry” and in her family.

Green’s children inspire her and keep her going every day. She also says her Aunt Alteree and Aunt Carol have inspired her. On a “macro-level” she’s inspired by Oprah and Beyonce who have both overcome great odds to achieve the pinnacle of success and still manage to give back to the world. “Giving back is SO important.” Anecdote Naturals gives a portion of profits to charities for foster care and homeless women. 

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Green is blessed to have family and friends be such big supporters and brag about the brand.  The advice she wants to give is, “Just do it.  Whether you’re afraid or have no resources, you can still do it.  When we move, others will move with us – just like that.  There’s nothing too difficult, Bet on YOU!”

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