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How to dress for a first date

How to dress for a first date

If it’s hard to find an informal style that suits us, finding a way to integrate trends into our looks is even more complicated. A good challenge is weddings, baptisms, and communions; Being the perfect guest being modern and young is tricky, especially if the dress code requires you to wear a long dress or the wedding is in a church. Another situation for which it is quite difficult to decide what to wear is for a job interview or to dress well at the office on the day we have an important meeting. Of course, black clothing is always a popular wildcard that we like to wear, although it is sometimes a little predictable. But the pinnacle of events that always make us unpack our closets is happy first encounters.

On a first date, here are some ideas for what to wear

Don’t get us wrong, we love meeting the new crush of the month, having dates on Tinder every now and then, or taking a chance on love with that little person who keeps writing to us on Instagram, but we have to admit that the first date leaves us with a little nervous. We want to make a good impression and for that we don’t hesitate to take off our most modern dresses, put on some good platform sandals (if the boy is tall) with a jacket. Although we could also go with wide-leg pants, a striped shirt, and some ankle boots so it doesn’t look like we tried too hard, right?

Fortunately, here you have their advice from fashion experts to give you very innovative outfit ideas to have you freaking out. So, if you had doubts about how to dress on a first date, let’s clear it up for you: here are 15 look ideas, both romantic and sexy, to succeed on that day. We promise whether it’s taking you to a park, going out to dinner or bowling, we have the perfect outfit.

How to dress for a first date

A cocktail in a cool place

A good way to get to know your partner, especially if you’ve met through an app, is having a drink at a bar. Order a nice cocktail to help you relax and wear your trendiest crop top for the occasion. If you have one with an original neckline like this, you can add a fashion touch to your look. Add black pants with boots and a small oval bag. It’s guaranteed success!

black pants blue and yellow oval bag yellow blouse low neck beige coat

Meeting at a brunch

We know it’s not the most common situation for a first date, but all things considered, it’s a great plan if the day before you went out to the party and you’re going to be up late. As you probably don’t have the head to think too much, we recommend that you opt for a modern outfit, like this one with pink plaid. You can add some sunglasses with colored lenses if you still have a little hangover.

skirt and coat set pink plaid glasses red lens

What if we work together?

It’s probably the cheapest excuse in history, but hey, telecommuting had to be of some use to us. If you are going to find yourself in a cafe or at the house of one of the two, the most important thing is that you are comfortable. You should work. For this reason, it’s best to dress simply and casually with cute jeans or leggings. Add in a black t-shirt and overshirt for that casual touch, and a nice bag in case you’re going out later.

black leggings with moccasin slit black t-shirt beige shirt

A visit to the museum

A really cool plan if you live in a big city is to visit a museum or exhibition with your partner. This way you can spend time together without having to talk too much. For this occasion, we love the idea of ​​a total green look, consisting of a patent leather jacket and a miniskirt. Add an original touch by pairing ballerina socks and a rhinestone-covered bag.

green patent leather jacket green mini skirt gray rhinestone bag half flats

Go out for a few beers

It is the easiest plan and the one most desired. If you want to look pretty but not too forced, the best bet is good wide-leg jeans with a short top and a sweatshirt or sweater tied around the shoulders. You know, in case the date goes well and you want to go for drinks.

wide leg jeans white cropped top sweatshirt tied at the shoulders

Ready for coffee, tea or whatever

It often happens that for a first date we say to meet in a square or street, but without a defined plan. Don’t panic, we have the perfect outfit he’ll want to take you out to coffee, dinner and a drink in. Our motto is that more is more, so opt for the Scandinavian style and combine pastel colors like salmon pink pants with a green jacket and lilac top.

salmon pink jogger pants green sandal lilac top green plaid coat pink bag

How to dress for a first date: Walk through the park

A walk in the park always gives rise to holding hands, sitting on the grass and even stealing a kiss (hehe). That’s why you need a long dress, so you don’t have to worry about sitting down, as well as comfortable shoes for walking. The cute touch is given by the crochet bag, very fashionable.

long tight skirt set yellow shirt bag crochet

We meet at the cinema

Skip Netflix and the blanket, as fashion junkies that we are, we need an excuse to dress up and the cinema comes in handy. Put on a slim cardigan, button it up like a top, add ripped jeans to lessen the sweetness, and wear high-heeled sandals to elevate the outfit.

closed pink cardigan wide leg jeans torn at the knee pink square heel sandals

See you at the concert?

Outdoor concerts are the best place to have a casual first date. You both know you’ll be there and you’ll fake surprises. The combo is pretty simple: mix a short boho-style dress with platform sandals and retro sunglasses. Add a hat and shoulder bag for extra comfort.

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The after work, after work

When you and your crush work in the same office, the easiest way to coincide is a date without your colleagues. Now, it is necessary to enjoy the moment that the two are alone and talk about other things. You can bet on an orange shirt and skirt set, the trend color of the season, or a shirt dress in that shade. Add some heels and a white bag for a more professional look.

orange shirt and skirt white bag jaquemus white dior heels

Go out to eat

A true foodie always takes advantage of appointments to discover and try new restaurants. If his date is nice too, he sure doesn’t mind having your picture taken at the restaurant. Enjoy and have your most trendy look: a fine-knit pink shirt with floral print pants and a handbag. Ideal for taking the mythical picture of eating sushi.

colorful floral print thin fabric pants pink knit blouse

How to dress for a first date: How about a concert or festival?

Festivals are here to bring out our signature looks, but we understand that if it’s your first time meeting someone, you’d rather take the diva level down a bit. So a dress with cowboy boots can be a very good bet. You can opt for a more original model, like these silver ones, and add fancy rhinestones to your makeup. You know, that Coachella touch that we love so much.

white dress cowboy boot silver crossbody bag chanel makeup rhinestone festival

How to dress for a first date: Lunch on a terrace

Hotel terraces are very fashionable and are a very nice and special place to have a first date. That’s why we love this mix of a blazer with shorts and a top, which combines green and pink in a very trendy color block look. Add some high heel sandals and don’t forget your sunglasses, you’ll need them.

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