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How to make cheap homemade foot spa? Check out easy tips

How to make cheap homemade foot spa? Check out easy tips

Knowing how to make a homemade foot spa is the secret we all want. After all, there’s nothing like taking good care of the part of the body that sustains us all day and saving money to do so — hello, girls who love to save!

In this post, we are going to reveal the basic tricks for a simple foot spa that will leave your skin smooth and looking good so you can wear open shoes without fear of being happy. Keep reading and check out our tips!

Foot spa: what is it?

Everyone has heard of a spa, however, there’s always that idea of ​​people with cucumbers in their eyes, in a white bathrobe or getting a back massage. And when we talk about feet, what does that mean?

The spa in this region is a way to hydrate your skin well, relax your feet and take care of calluses and cracks. Some steps are applied, such as exfoliation and massage, to remove all tension and provide well-being.

What is the difference between foot spa and foot plastic?

I’ve heard of foot plastic surgery. What’s the difference? This practice is for more specific and complex situations, that is, it is focused on very dry skins, with deep cracks and calluses. 

For these cases, it is worth looking for a professional, as she will assess the degree of the situation and use very specific products. 

Foot spa: benefits

In addition to prettier skin, the advantages of this practice are many, especially for those who wear high heels frequently , spend many hours on their feet or love to be barefoot. Check out: 

  • Elimination of bacteria that stay between the fingers and generate bad odor;

  • Relaxation of the feet;

  • Soft, beautiful and mega hydrated skin;

  • Stimulation of blood circulation in the region;

  • Pain relief;

  • Decreased stress.

The foot spa is suitable for anyone without health problems. 

How to make homemade foot spas: what you need to know

Now that you know the benefits and restrictions, it’s time to check out all our tips, ranging from necessary products to step by step. 

Foot spa supplies

  • Exfoliator — it can be what you have at home or professional use

  • Nail polish remover

  • Cotton

  • Bucket or basin — it can be the one for feet or the one you have at home

  • Moisturizing foot cream

  • plastic film

  • Socks

  • Towel

  • Chamomile tea bag or foot soak mix

Foot spa: step by step

Did you write down all the necessary materials? So, the time has come to check it step by step. First, we suggest that you leave your materials close by and cover the place on the floor of your house where the basin will be, to prevent everything from getting wet — but if you don’t care, you’re ready to start!

1. Removing nail polish and other dirt from the nail

The first step is quite simple and is part of the routine of those who always do their toenails, which is nothing more than starting by removing any remaining nail polish or other dirt.

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With a cotton pad moistened with nail polish remover, start by cleaning your nails well, making sure that no residue is left behind. If you want, use a toothpick to clean underneath and in the corners. 

2. Foot exfoliation

Now it’s time for exfoliation. Apply the product to your hands and spread it all over your foot. Make circular motions all over, especially the heel. Dedicate yourself to this step because it is very important to even out the skin and remove dead cells. 

In case you don’t have an exfoliate, we have a tip: mix your favorite moisturizer with a little sugar and apply it on the skin. The result will be great!

3. Feet in the water

In the third step, you will heat some water (there is no exact amount, it should be enough to soak your feet) and add it to the basin. To avoid the risk of burning, add a little water at room temperature.

how to make a homemade foot spa

Now, place the chamomile sachets or foot bath mixture and soak your feet. This is a time to relax, so take the opportunity to remove the scrub and enjoy the warm feeling on your skin. 

Then just take your feet off and dry them gently.

4. Foot hydration

With dry feet, it’s time to hydrate them. The ideal is that you have a specific product for this, to have a better effect. The skin in this region is thicker than the rest of the body, so it is worth investing in a cream made especially for this area. 

If not, no problem! That won’t be a deterrent to not taking good care of you. 

Take advantage of the moment of hydration of the feet to massage the area very well. The skin will already be soft because of the exfoliate and therefore easier to handle. 

As soon as you finish the self-massage, it’s time to apply the plastic film all over the foot and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, enough time for the cream to penetrate the skin better. To enhance, put on a sock next. 

Then remove everything and, if you want, finish with a little more self-massage. 

As we have seen, making a foot spa at home is not difficult and we bet you have all the materials at home, as many are very basic. Now, just add it to your self-care routine and do it every 15 days. 

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