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In addition to being canceled, “Westworld” is also being removed from HBO Max

In addition to being canceled, “Westworld” is also being removed from HBO Max

Once more, HBO Max is cleaning house. A new batch of series are being prepared to be withdrawn from the platform in the coming days, sources have revealed to IndieWire, following the Warner Bros. Discovery streamer’s abrupt removal of over 60 titles from the platform in August, many of which were originals created for the service.

The most well-known of these shows is HBO’s “Westworld,” which was canceled this fall as a result of Season 4’s declining viewership. The sci-fi drama “The Nevers,” set in Victorian England, and the rom-com anthology series “Love Life” are two more programs that have been canceled. The withdrawal of these programmes basically serves as a cancellation notice, akin to the Lionsgate series “Minx.” Other less well-known titles are reportedly going to be removed from the service in the coming days.

Furthermore, Claudia Forestieri announced on Twitter on December 9 that the “Gordita Chronicles” series would be removed off the platform soon. The service hosted the coming-of-age comedy’s June premiere before canceling it a month later.

The removal of HBO Max movies from the service is nothing new under the David Zaslav WBD administration, but since “Westworld” and “The Nevers” were made for the HBO channel itself, their removal from the service is all the more shocking. Sources claim that while Warner Bros. Discovery works to combine HBO Max and Discovery+, both series may wind up on a FAST channel (or a free service with advertisements). Additionally, these reductions take place as WBD conducts a year-end financial analysis.

“The Nevers” broadcast “Season 1A” in 2021 before being canceled, with a six episode Season 1B slated to start airing later. It’s unknown if the new episodes will debut on the show’s new home, but production on the second half of the season, which is said to tie up the tale, has already begun. The show, which starred Laura Donnelly, Ann Skelly, and Olivia Williams as three female support characters for a superpowered underclass that emerges in Victorian England, has encountered many challenges over the course of its run, from the pandemic that halted filming to the departure of its creator Joss Whedon due to allegations of workplace harassment on other projects.

Being HBO Max’s first ever original scripted series, “Love Life” will debut on the streaming service in May 2020. Both of the show’s seasons, which were created by Sam Boyd, were centered on the pursuit of love by a different person. While William Jackson Harper played Marcus Watkins in Season 2, Anna Kendrick played Darby Carter in Season 1. The majority of the reviews for the program were favorable, and many thought that the second season was an improvement over the first. The information of Westworld’s potential removal from HBO Max was first released by Deadline.

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