Is Skip Bayless Still Under Fire?

Who is Skip Bayless?

According to Fox Sports, Skip Bayless is the host of the sports opinion and debate show Skip and Shannon: Undisputed, airing weekdays on FS1. The award-winning journalist, author and TV personality squares off opposite co-host Shannon Sharpe. The topics are mainly the day’s top sports topics. Bayless joined FOX Sports in September 2016, after several years with ESPN. He hosted First Take on ESPN2 alongside Stephen A. Smith and began his tenure with the network in 2004 on ESPN2’s Cold Pizza.

He is one of the most unappealing men you could imagine — a cropped haircut floating atop that thin, weirdly muscular frame, punctuated by a reedy, deeply irritating voice. No one agrees with him. You do not log on to Twitter and see the phrase, “Hey, when Skip is on, you gotta admit he makes some good points.” He never makes good points. He makes bad points, one after another, in a manner that drowns the viewer in rhetorical molasses. There are no Skip stans; no Bayless Army. He is not on TV for any reason other than his freakishness. (Rolling Stones, 2023) I am talking, of course, about Skip Bayless

Lately, however, he’s managed to be repellant enough to draw the attention of the masses. Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin nearly died during a Monday Night Football game against the Cincinnati Bengals. He collapsed following a hit and being resuscitated after nine minutes of horrifying on-field CPR. It turned out that Skip still had one more rhetorical atrocity in the chamber. It was one more stupid thing that could manage to get him back in the rotten halls of our consciousness.

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I think there is a good point to note that Skip Bayless is not a sports expert. His arguments are anecdotal and opinion based with cherry-picked stats. Psychologists have determined the line between love and hate is extremely thin. According to a Public Library of Science study by Semir Zeki, the same area of our brain is activated both when we love and hate someone. So perhaps the hate many feel for Skip, even the same people who call him Skip Baseless may like him more than they think. (Slice of Sports Podcast, 2023)

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