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Jamie Lee Curtis opens up about Photographer Exploitation in the 70’s

Jamie Lee Curtis opens up about Photographer Exploitation in the 70’s

Jamie Lee Curtis made a revealing post today of something she reflected on. Back in the 70s before technology grew, photographers would contact you for photoshoots she explained in her Instagram post caption. While someone like herself had the most pure intentions, these photographers did not and would sell photos to the world. Here is what she had to say:

It is an intriguing situation to know that this would happen over 40 years ago in the entertainment industry even before the age of social media. Exploitation of celebrities has gone on since the beginning of Hollywood from this fascination and idolization from fans, paparazzi, etc. There was even a time when you could easily look up any of their residential addresses and they only stopped since tragedies occurred like the slaughter of Sharon Tate and friends by the Manson family. 


For Curtis to open up about her experiences back then in Hollywood is still relatable to today as people will do what they can to exploit or hurt those in the limelight. Just two days ago Migos rapper TakeOff was brutally murdered in public at a bowling alley in Houston and this shook the world. While Curtis is only discussing photographs in her post, to me it opened up a door of curiosity and discussion of normalcy and privacy when it comes to celebrities. 

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Thankfully there are several precautions and safety tactics anyone can use to stay safe, but that does not mean people will not continue to be exploited just like they did in the 70s with Jamie Lee Curtis.

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