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John Alex GATSBY: “Life Is Too Short Not to Chase Your Dreams”

John Alex GATSBY: “Life Is Too Short Not to Chase Your Dreams”

Unique musicians like John Alex Gatsby are few and far between. GATSBY comes from a musical background with a father who is a DJ. He also grew up following Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, and James Brown, who are just a few of the stars that he looked up to.

It took some time for GATSBY to truly take a chance on himself when it comes to the music business. About four years ago, GATSBY stepped into a studio for the first time. Prior to this, he followed his love for aviation and learned to fly planes. When it came to music, although he carried a heavy passion for it, he never gave it a chance because he wasn’t sure he could actually do it. However, it was always in the back of his mind. Often he thinks about being on his deathbed and saying, “I wish I would’ve tried.” He aims to live a life with no regrets which is what led him to recording his first song called ‘Let You Go’ with Arozo. It surprised him when the song did well, making it on The Heat Sirius XM and other nationally syndicated radio. He did an east coast DJ tour to South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. At this point, he was all in. 

GATSBY is no stranger to pushing boundaries. He started dancing because of Michael Jackson whom he loved as a child. In his new music video for his latest single ‘Therapy’, he features choreographed dance for the first time. The song itself and video share the battle of not wanting to go to therapy but needing to go to therapy. In this visual, the setting takes place in mental hospital which represents GATSBY’s mind. He fights each nurse and hospital employee which is him battling each negative thought in his mind. It highlights the good parts and bad parts of therapy, and in the end he decides it’s a good idea. The entire concept is created intentionally to get the viewers thinking about taking care of their mental health, and question why it can be such a struggle to make the decision to go to therapy. Ultimately, we all want to be free from the constraints of our minds, and you will see this in the video which premieres Friday, October 6th.

We asked if he had some advice to give. GATSBY says, “ When it comes it comes to your dreams, aspirations, and goals, you don’t follow them, you chase them!” He also added, “The mind is a powerful thing. You can make anything into a reality and do what you want to do because life is too short not to.”


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Don’t forget to look out for the new visual for his new song ‘Therapy’ live on October 6th!

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