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Jonathan Majors Says “It’s Time” to Tell His Side of the Story

Jonathan Majors Says “It’s Time” to Tell His Side of the Story

Actor Jonathan Majors sat down for his first interview since being convicted of assaulting and harassing his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari. Speaking to ABC News’ Linsey Davis in a segment aired on Good Morning America Monday, Majors discussed the shocking verdict and his recollection of the violent altercation with Jabbari that occurred in New York City last March.

In November 2022, Majors was found guilty of misdemeanor reckless assault and harassment but acquitted of two felony charges – intentional assault and aggravated harassment. The Creed III star told ABC he felt “shocked and afraid” as the guilty verdict was read, stating he could not comprehend his conviction.

“I’ve never hit a woman,” insisted Majors, adding that while his relationship with Jabbari was unhealthy, he was only “reckless with her heart, not her body.”

Providing his account of the incident, Majors claimed Jabbari initiated the physical aggression when he refused to return her phone during an argument in their hired SUV.

“She went to grab the phone. I held the phone. I pulled the phone back. She came on top of me, squeezed my face, slapped me. That’s all I remember,” he stated.

Majors said he had no knowledge of how Jabbari sustained injuries including a fractured finger and cut behind her ear. “I wish to god I knew. That would give clarity. That would give me some type of peace about it,” he told ABC News.

Jabbari’s attorney later responded that Majors “continues to take no accountability for his actions.”

While admitting he was not the ideal boyfriend, the former Marvel actor vehemently denied ever physically harming Jabbari or any other woman.

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Majors is awaiting sentencing on February 6 for the two misdemeanor convictions. He is expected to avoid jail time but faces potential probation and counseling.

In the interview, the convicted actor also questioned the validity of the jury’s verdict against him. Jabbari’s lawyer Brittany Henderson rebuked this perspective, stating Majors’ comments “…demonstrate a clear lack of remorse for the actions for which he was found guilty.”

Looking ahead, Majors expressed hope to rebuild his now-derailed career after being fired from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But he added, “It’s God’s plan and God’s timing.”

The high-profile assault case and first public interview have raised scrutiny over Jonathan Majors’ claims of innocence following his landmark conviction for violently abusing ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari earlier this year.

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