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Karen Goes on Racist Rant at People For Being at Pool

Karen Goes on Racist Rant at People For Being at Pool

A woman in Colorado went on a racist rant referring to Hispanic people as trash.
This represents a huge problem, a residual affect of slavery and segregation.
“Yes, it’s true,” she said in the video. “You have a f**king Mexican party in a pool. Trash.” The Karen then realized she was being recorded and took her frustrations out on the person with the camera. “You can’t do that. You can’t just record me,” she says before hitting the phone out of the hand of the person filming the video then shows the Karen being held down by a man that she seemingly arrived to the pool with. However, this didn’t stop her from coming for the family and spewing xenophobic remarks like “Get the f**k out” and “go back down to Denver.” One of the people on the receiving end of the attack tells her to leave.
For some reason, a portion of the white populace considers themselves innately superior to other races.
Despite how successful or hardworking they may be.
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