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New Lip Kit by Kylie’s Cosmetics is a Scam According to Bethenny Frankel

New Lip Kit by Kylie’s Cosmetics is a Scam According to Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel, former Housewives of New York star, has a love for business and supporting people in theirs. She is an entrepreneur herself being the creator of Skinnygirl, and wants to support others. Since her time on the reality television show she’s gained a following posting reviews about different products put out by celebs and other businesses.

The business woman did a review on Kylie Jenner’s makeup, Kylie’s Cosmetics, on Instagram where she gave an unexpected opinion on the new Birthday PR Box.

While opening the PR Box, revealing the package, which includes one three-piece set of Birthday Lip Crayons and one three-piece set of Birthday Lip Glosses she starts by saying, “Girl don’t do it, it’s not worth it.” Frankel continues by pointing out the confusing expensive price of the package compared to the individual prices of some of the lip colors. She proceeds to hold up the same two sets in her other hand and points out you can buy those separately for less than a third of the price of the box set. “A girl said it on TikTok, I was confused. I thought something had to be different,” says Frankel. “There is something different… This has a box. That you’re gonna throw in the garbage.”

The main issue is the pricing and in the next clip she tells viewers she’s going to the mall to return the box. Much to her surprise Kylie Cosmetics does not accept refunds. “Can someone help me understand?….This is a scam.” The box itself must cost $117. “How stupid do we have to be?”

We have no statement as of yet from the company itself, however, Frankel’s breakdown of the products with the box is not wrong.

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