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Learn how to choose between bikini and swimsuit

Learn how to choose between bikini and swimsuit

Beachwear is full of options, not only in terms of swimwear , but also in its accessories, such as sarong, beachwear, etc. However, one of the biggest dilemmas, which haunts most of the beach goers, is choosing between bikinis or bathing suits.

There is no right answer. Both have advantages and disadvantages, which vary depending on each person’s taste and program.

Therefore, getting familiar with sets of bikinis and bathing suits , and their respective perks and bonuses, is strategic when it comes to quickly putting together the look or the bag for a trip.



The swimsuit made up of a bra and panties is almost a mandatory item when it comes to beachwear. With lots of print, color, fit and cut options, it’s easy to find a bikini that fits well on bodies of different shapes and sizes. This is one of the many advantages of the piece.

Greater variety

As it consists of two different pieces, the bikini is a good option for those looking for variety. It’s possible to combine a top with another bottom and, in no time, have a third new bikini to wear. 

This is a great advantage, especially for those who need to pack for a vacation trip, but don’t have much space. Thus, few sets of bikini can form multiple combinations. 


Still on suitcases, the bikini has another strong point: it is an outfit that takes up less space. It’s easy to fit the set in your bag, next to your underwear, or anywhere else, even inside your shoes – saving as much space as possible.

The same goes for packing your backpack for the beach. If you need to bring your bathing suit to be changed later, the bikini can easily go in several bags. 

Body suitability

Every body is a body. This means that there are women with broad shoulders and narrow hips, voluminous busts and thin backsides. So, often, the ready set, offered by the store, is not the one that will fit best on everyone. Or, at least, chances are the top will fit, the bottom won’t, and vice versa.

This is another advantage of the bikini being made in two pieces, since the woman can choose one of each and, thus, have a better fit to her body. This goes for different models or simply different sizes. It is possible for someone to wear a S bra and M panties.



Gone are the days when bathing suits were reserved for people who didn’t feel comfortable exposing their bodies. Despite being an option, often more discreet, currently there are several varieties of cuts that even allow a more uniform tan, with plenty of skin on display. 

Therefore, having a batch of swimsuits in the closet is strategic, especially for women who do not live without a beach or pool. 


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The swimsuit, in addition to showing less of the body – which can be synonymous with comfort for some people – offers greater security.

This means that the woman can dive into a rough sea or do hours of swimming, without the risk of the garment coming off or slipping. That in itself gives you more peace of mind.

Silhouette stretching 

Longer, single pieces tend to give the impression of a more elongated silhouette. This is the case of the swimsuit which, unlike the bikini, is not divided in two, giving the body a feeling of continuity. 

Therefore, it can be a good bet for those who want to appear taller or who want to highlight their height. 


While the bikini provides several options, with a mix of sets, the swimsuit also has its versatility. In general, it is a piece that takes up more space in the backpack, however, it can be used in different contexts, outside the beach and pool.

Having a bathing suit in your bag means having a bathing suit, but also a bodysuit that can compose the look for barbecues, dinners, parties and other occasions. 

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