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Lindsay Lohan’s back in the Falling for Christmas Movie

Lindsay Lohan’s back in the Falling for Christmas Movie

It’s finally the holiday season and Lindsay Lohan kicked it off by announcing her upcoming holiday flick called Falling for Christmas


Although Lohan grew up in the entertainment world making several acting appearances and becoming one of the youngest top billed actresses in the world, her career this past decade has been much less frequent to the point where we often have to wonder what the actress is up to. Some of her most famous films are The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, and Mean Girls. A few years back she produced and starred in her own reality show “Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club” where she hired several talented food industry workers to host her newest investment in Mykonos, Greece. Both the establishment and television series were short-lived. 


The talented actress is making her come back in this film about a recently engaged heiress who gets amnesia after a skiing accident. In the romantic comedy, Lohan’s character ends up being cared for by a handsome man and his daughter. 

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Falling for Christmas comes to Netflix November 10th. 

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