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Meet Award Winning Producer, Writer, Actress Deborah Pratt

Meet Award Winning Producer, Writer, Actress Deborah Pratt

I had the pleasure of interviewing the multi-talented Deborah Pratt. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois Deborah is the definition that a woman can do it all. She is an American Director, Published Novelist, Producer, Singer, Dancer and Actress. It all started back in high school when her passion for theatre landed her multiple roles as the leading lady. Her parents wanted her to focus on her studies, earn her degree and land a real job. While attending Webster University she became an usher in theatre as well as auditioning and landing more roles. All while writing and directing her very own play. Deborah successfully graduated with a degree in Psychology and Theatre. She expressed how, “Taking Psychology was helpful in creating characters” that would later come into fruition when taking on roles in movies. After graduating she gave herself a year to pursue acting winning a nationwide talent search that led her to Hollywood under an NBC contract.

While on set working on pilots, she began pitching ideas for episodes to producers; co-creating, Executive Producing and becoming the head writer on the iconic series “Quantum Leap” for NBC. To our excitement, the show is back! She will be directing “Family Style” episode, which is airing February 27, 2023 at 10pm East/PST and 9pm Central on NBC the Peacock, Universal TV. Aadrita Mulerji is the Writer and Martin Gero along with George Georgaris are the Executive Producers. The cast is the following: Raymon Lee-Dr. Been Song, Caitlin Basset-Addison Augustine, Ernie Hudson-Herbert “Magic” Williams, Mason Alexander Park-Ian, Nanrisa Lee-Jenn Chu. They are asking the audience to talk about “food that brings their family together.” The episode has a very strong message, and it is going to open up conversations. Please be sure to tune in and let the conversation begin. They want experiences, feedback from audience and learn how to support each other.

From TV Shows to novels, I asked Deborah about “The Vision Quest” ( The series is layered with scientific facts and imaginative fantasy, a journey into the future of the world. Deborah is a pioneer in trans-media entertainment and is developing the world she’s created in her books and films across multiple platforms. That is just one of many novels. She did give me the scoop of a new novel that she is writing and oh my gosh this must turn into a movie. It was about fantasy, friendship and lost sisterhood. I don’t want to put too much out there because she is still working on it but let me tell you I got goosebumps just hearing the intro. She even shared with me that she wrote a play about a historic black man from 200 years ago and added, “Our stories are not being told.”


Deborah’s mission is to unify the planet. She had such a warmth to her when speaking that I can see her doing just that. Her positive energy encouraged me to not give up on my own dreams no matter how silly they may feel to others. Her resume is endless and impressive but her humble demeanor is what makes this story a successful one.

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