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Meet Best Independent Female Comedian Tania Estrada

Meet Best Independent Female Comedian Tania Estrada

The comedian Tania Estrada, Award Winner of the Best Independent Female Comedian Award at the 2019 HAPAwards (Hollywood African Prestigious Awards). Now is crowned as the new Queen of Comedy by CHICANO HOLLYWOOD. Chicano Hollywood has acquired the brand Latin Kings of Comedy for an undisclosed amount and has decided to add on women to the brand, being the first time in history that this has happened.


Tania Estrada, is a successful comedian who in turn is also the creator of hilarious compositions such as El día de la Sancha, and Mexican Fruit Stand Man, among others. She has also performed as the main hostess on the stage of Lucha Vavoom at the Maya theater in the city of Los Angeles in the 20 years of history of Lucha Vavoom.

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