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Meet Financial Literacy Expert Rabieh Tayfour Who is Ready to Upgrade You

Meet Financial Literacy Expert Rabieh Tayfour Who is Ready to Upgrade You

Financial literacy expert out of Miami, FL, single father Rabieh believes that financial literacy is the key to financial freedom. He got his start in credit repair, then went on to funding, business credit, then business funding, with an intense passion for improving the lives of others. In fact, he’s so good at what he does, he’s never had a refund or chargeback since being in business.

Rabieh had a life changing experience that led to chaos and him hitting rock bottom, all while having to care for his children full time. He was in telemarketing, selling vacations, and he did so well with his gift of gab, he never got beat out in sales. During that time, he met his ex-business partner who had his own vacation telemarketing room next door. Rabeih was working as a general manager then, and he was approached about going into business with him. After a couple of years of success, the pandemic hit, and their telemarketing office closed, however Rabeih still had his niche. He met his mentor that pushed him to create his own and profit from it.

Doing years of research coined his nickname the G.O.A.T of credit repair after only doing it for a couple of years, and he is now known as El Monstro de Credito, meaning Monster of Credit in Miami. Rabieh currently has 1500 clients which range from TV host politicians, music artists, and record label companies. He has multiple projects he is working to launch this year and early next year as well.

He’s working on an Amazon Automation Business to launch in the next three months. This is designed to teach his clients how to create passive income, make money from their credit cards legally, eliminate scams, and build their personal credit. He also provides digital products of his written content, available for purchase on his website. He is strengthening his brand, The Key which is a podcast room. He plans to invite people to come on and share with listeners how they got where they are. Episodes will be dropped in two weeks and will be aired once a week via YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and Instagram. Rabieh also plans to release a mentorship course in 2023 to teach people how to quit their 9-5 jobs or run their own credit repair company.

His ultimate goal is to provide generational wealth for his children. He feels that building a legacy with his inspiration and knowledge, by setting them up financially is one of the best things he can do as a parent. He expresses the same sentiments to his clients. Rabieh plans to help at least 1000 people next year to become six figure owners after leaving their 9-5 jobs and believes he has the expertise and tenacity to do so.

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