Meet Founder of Savvy Girl Consulting Tonita Bybee-Jackson, Serial Successful Entrepreneur

Tonita B. founded Savvy Girl Consulting in 2022 and since then her life has soared to heights she’s never seen. Getting her start in the healthcare field helped her to network with many people. Hailing from Cleveland Ohio, she assisted someone with structuring their business and personal brand, which landed her an opportunity with Tyler Perry Studios. Her career just snowballed at that point. 

Three years after starting Savvy Girl Consulting, she relocated to Atlanta and that’s where she embarked on even more profound opportunities.  Currently, she’s a serial entrepreneur who takes time out to help everyday people that own their own businesses and/or want to, start one. Tonita B. has worked with reputable clients such as Lamar Odom, Sabrina Par, Tammy Pha, Brailey Evans, actors Carl Gilliard and Latonya Gilliard, Guru of Abs, Ezinne Kalu, musical phenomena KRYL8R, and the WNBA, to name quite a few.

Shortly after, she launched Savvy Talent Management Group, where is she works with various artists and musicians in choosing a specific genre that they want to branch out to. Tonita B. has amazing connections including ties to graphic designer, Sherita Carthon at Urban Classic Design. Recently, Tonita B. landed the positions of Chief Marketing Officer and Operations Manager for Alpha Magazine, a digital publication that can also be found on stands. She also orchestrates major photo shoots, brings in eye catching content, and adds spotlights of everyday people. 

She believes in trying 100 things until one thing makes her a million dollars. With that outlook, she wants to leave a legacy for her kids as her heart is in helping people. This could be illustrated via conversations, as Tonita B. is also host of the podcast visual show called Talk Savvy to Me which will air every Thursday at 7 PM eastern standard time after its June 1st relaunch. It will be available on all podcast platforms via digital and audio. On that podcast, she features celebrities and upcoming artists such as Vegan Vicky, founder of Koncious Kuisine. She also has new segments, new formats, and several surprise guests scheduled to appear. 

Tonita B. also reaches people through her published works; Copy and Paste, a clever e-book of letters on things you want to say, but don’t have the right words to say it, Finding Your Niche, another is e-book that comes with a work book, giving tips on starting a business, how to provide proper service, and finding ones passion, One Percent Better Every Day, which shares with readers things they can do to make themselves better on a daily basis, along with Let’s Affirm, an e-book of affirmations for attracting positive energy, both to be released May 15th. 

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In addition, she has worked as the Executive Producer on a show titled Family Ties with a Christmas holiday theme, featuring talented singers from Sunday’s Best. And she plans to offer master classes Fall 2023 that will teach entrepreneurs the art of brand managing. Tonita B. has also been maximizing her time with ToniDean Luxe Landscaping, which now has solid residential clientele as well as two commercial property! She also opened her healthcare business there as well and I look forward to servicing the healthcare community with CPR, First Aid, and Homecare Aid classes. 

Tonita B. helped sponsor the Power Brand Expo, held in her hometown, Cleveland, Ohio, May 18th-19th,     2023. About 8000 people attended this event. Sponsorships ranges from American Express to Pepsi. This was an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurs to expand their algorithms and monetize their brand. This isn’t the last we will see of Tonita B. and all things Savvy can be found on her website.

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