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Michael J. Fox is thriving with talks of a Back to the Future Reboot

Michael J. Fox is thriving with talks of a Back to the Future Reboot

Who is a huge Michael J. Fox fan and has been wondering what he is up to? Well earlier this year he starred in a heartfelt AARP video where he went into detail about overcoming his illness with Parkinson’s disease and continuing to do the acting work he loves.

During the 1970-80s Fox’s career catapulted with the start of the Family Ties television series and onto one of the most famous movie series directed by Robert Zemeckis, Back to the Future, which also starred Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson. 

During the peak of his career and at 29 years old, he was in a Florida hotel for a Back to the Future premiere, and a jittery finger eventually led to him being diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Recently the actor has expressed how having the disease could keep him negative but it has not held him back from his dreams. It was challenging in the beginning but once higher quality medications were created the disease was much more manageable he tells AARP. Video below:


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Fox continues to work on his health and work in the entertainment business. Most recently the actor can be seen in television show The Good Fight, movie See You Yesterday, and last year he even made an appearance in music artist Lil Nas X’s music video as Marty McFly.

On Entertainment Tonight the actor announced an idea for a reboot of Back to the Future with a gender-swap:

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“I actually had this thought that if they did the movie again, they should do it with a girl as Marty. There’s something about [Back to the Future] that connects with people on every level. I just feel like it will come around again,” the actor told ET.

For now this is only an idea as things both in the industry and real world have changed drastically. The original series was set in the 80s and in the second film of the trilogy,  Fox’s character Marty McFly travels 30 years into the future to 2015. As exciting as another sequel would be and as strong as the storyline is of the teenager discovering that his parents are people just like him, it may be challenging for the current generation to relate. Only if they were to still relate to previous decades before the 80s like the original series because to people nowadays the entire timeline seems the same. However, a solid writer could create an incredible updated version with the same actors and actors of today. Who knows, maybe even actors Millie Bobby Brown could be casted for something like this, just throwing it out there!


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