Music Artist Shannon K’s Journey from Musical Roots to Global Stardom

Shannon grew up in a musical family.  Always being around that environment soon became her destiny.  You see Shannon was 2 days old when she was abandoned as a baby and in 22 days she was adopted by her parents.  That incident changed her life.  She is grateful to her parents for an opportunity of love.  Her father who is a massive legend of his own, singer Kumar Sanu, played such a big part in Shannon’s life.  “It was natural to watch him do his thing with music, and it was fascinating to me,” Shannon said.  In fact, when asked who inspired her, she said him.  She added, “My dad’s journey was inspiring because I remember when he was a rooky and how at one time it was hard for him to get into the industry.  So, to see him achieve it, it’s something I look up to.”  She also added both her parents, veteran actors, older people, authors, and writers.  “You can learn so much from them by just hearing their stories, “Shannon said.  

Photo by Miezeer Images // Mike Ricardo


Photo by Miezeer Images // Mike Ricardo

She grew up in London and in school, she kept herself creative and trained herself in music.  She gained so much knowledge that she decided to come to the US to follow her dream.  In 2018 she released a single by a top famous producer, Poo Bear.  The producer is best known for being one of Justin Bieber’s main collaborators, so she felt it was a great start to her own career.  “It was an amazing experience,” she added.  She also collaborated with Grammy award-winning producer, songwriter, and composer Kyle Townsend. He has produced songs for Celine Dion, Mary J Blige, Lady Gaga, and Andra Day just to name a few.  They both worked on an Anti-Bullying song “Give me your hand” in which a lot of big names supported the song like Britney Snow, Ed Westwick, and David Arquette to name a few”.  It received the Hollywood music and media awards and that is where she realized what worked, making music for a purpose.  Although she is still learning and exploring she feels she found her niche.


Shannon K at the Cannes Film Festival

She does have advice for those who look up to her.  “Don’t be too harsh on yourself.  It’s okay to make mistakes and have bad days.  It’s okay to have downtime, especially now with social media and AI.  Don’t lose yourself, your soul, or positivity.  Have multiple opportunities and a positive attitude towards life.  You are maybe in a standstill but just be patient,” Shannon said.  I wanted to know what her favorite Documentary was since in our conversation she said she enjoyed those.  “Lady Gaga’s story really inspired me.  You see a lot of people told her to change herself.  She grew out of it and became who she is today,” she said.  I must admit she was one of my favorites too.

After hearing her story, I wanted to know what she would tell her little girl in her, like if she could look back.  She said,” Don’t be so gullible…you’ll achieve everything you ever dreamed of.  Don’t do silly things and don’t go into a Negative/Dark headspace because you will have a great future.  Keep pushing.  Her story is very inspirational, and I hope to those that are reading this as well.  “What do you want to tell your fans?” I asked Shannon.  “Thank you for your support and sticking by me.  Sometimes I go missing in action, but it feels good that you all are always there with open arms.  I’m here because of you,” Shannon said.  

She plans on working on projects that are closer to the community to help in some way.  Making a change to the people and spreading awareness.  She wants to give love and positivity in her music, since it is a universal language.  She added that music can really influence you, in our moods we like to listen to music.  “I want to change the world,” she said.  Shannon by sharing your story you already are.  Make sure you follow her on social media to stay on her journey and keep feeling inspired.

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