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Netflix Movie ‘Day Shift’ with Jamie Foxx and Vampires

Netflix Movie ‘Day Shift’ with Jamie Foxx and Vampires

The Netflix film “Day Shift” is witty, humorous, and a new twist on a life where vampires roam. The well known actors Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco are forced to become partners by their boss to take down the vampires who live amongst them.

Aspects of the action-comedy are familiar to that of the 1997 Will Smith’s movie “Men In Black”, hunting the odd creatures with the two main characters creating an interesting duo to fight those creatures as one unit. Jamie Foxx’s character, Bud Jablonski, has a fake business as a pool man as a cover with his family, and secretly works with the vampire hunting department. In the beginning, his position is not in good standing which is why he has the character Big John Elliot (played by rapper Snoop Dogg), makes an appearance, fights to get him back in good graces and check in time to time. Then Jablonski is paired with Seth (Dave Franco).

A fight with the biggest vampire in town, Audrey San Fernando, turns Jablonski for a loop when he unknowingly kills her daughter. Multiple action packed fight scenes keep you on your toes, wondering who will survive. Things take a turn when Seth, now a confidant of Jablonski, is also turned into a vampire by the alpha female vampire, Audrey San Fernando (played by Karla Souza). 

According to Complex Foxx “specifically wanted to star alongside Dave Franco”. Seth (Franco) is the type of person who knows all the rules and never breaks any of them but this is put to the test because in order for Jablonski (Foxx) to do his work, he breaks all the rules to save the day. This is what makes their team strong.

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The storyline only gets funnier with the familiar humor of actors Foxx and Franco as they continue as a team to bring San Fernando down. Meanwhile, because his family is left in the dark about Jablonski’s true vampire hunting career, his estranged wife is ready to pick up and move to Florida with their daughter. There are a few light hearted moments especially in the beginning of the film with Jablonski and his adorable daughter Paige. Meagan Good was cast as his wife Jocelyn. Throughout the movie we want Jablonski to win so he can earn his family back.

Overall this is a fun family movie you can watch in the comfort of your home with some of your favorite actors. If you’re a vamp lover like some of us you will enjoy it that much more. The film is streaming now on Netflix.

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