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New Iconic Fashion Designer Duane Ferrell with Helena Farrar

New Iconic Fashion Designer Duane Ferrell with Helena Farrar

Duane Ferrell has the next biggest clothing brand name you’ll hear, right out of Santa Monica, California. Ferrell’s latest fashion is heavily inspired by the women who were pillars of the family, and even named after his great grandmother, Helena Farrar Paris. The luxury ready-to wear clothing Brand, Helena Farrar, was established in 2012. Women from all over the world are the face of this dynamic brand.


This unique brand highlights signature and other brilliant pieces which showcases art, blended together with fashion. Each piece is intentional, and every aspect has to resonate. After watching his mother, Tina graciously assist and impact her interior design clients for over 20 years, Duane Ferrell knew he wanted to do the same thing with his line. He is forever grateful to his friend Joshua Salu, who assisted with rapport building which created multiple avenues for the line.


Current partnerships include: M. Cherie, which will be featuring HFP in their magazine publication, and celebrity stylists, Wayman and Micah, and Ugo Mozie. These extraordinary entities had an opportunity to style Keke Palmer for the movie release Nope, as well as Tiffany Haddish for the 2022 Grammys, both adorning a brilliant piece from the Merci Handbag Collection. Helena Farrar has also had the pleasure of styling more celebrities such as Draya Michele, styled by Ugo Mozie, recording artist Karlae, professional model Sadie, Marie Madore, artist MKxyz, actor Tee, celebrity stylists Zoe Costello, and product seeding with Tina Knowles-Lawson, Beyoncé, and more.


Helena Farrar Collection has recently released Angel and Angles pieces and they are already creating quite the buzz. Along with permanent pieces and spotlight features, A & A gives endearing energy with subtle details that alludes to the universe.


Duane Ferrell wants to continue to give his clients an unforgettable experience. Emboldened by fashion icons Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, this line continues to thrive relentlessly. Be on the lookout for pieces that will extend out into athleisure wear, which will complement the lifestyles of women on the go. The Mini MERCI Handbag design along with five new timeless aesthetic styles in an array of colors will be released this Fall. This will also lead into the menswear line that will be released this Fall as well.



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Duane Ferrell is set to make a guest appearance on a show on Hulu, produced by Toya Stroman, and his bags will be spotlighted on an episode to air January 2023. Brand collaboration installments details will be released at a later date to be determined and campaigns that will coincide with M. Cherie Magazine launch on a hard copy magazine. 


Instagram: Helena_Farrar


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