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New Independent Film ‘Alexander: The Untold Story’

New Independent Film ‘Alexander: The Untold Story’

Alexander: The Untold Story is a beautifully made independent film by Ervin Musabelliu. The premiere itself was a huge success with a large turnout in attendees, along with a Q&A to get behind the scenes info on the cast & crew. 

When entering the event, we were greeted by men dressed in ancient Greek attire with their spears and shields. The atmosphere embodied the much anticipated film.

A synopsis of the film was provided with the Greek army helmet, plus a perfectly lit red carpet. We got this fun picture of the cast and crew.

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There aren’t many independent films with a mixture of high film footage quality and talented acting, and this one takes the cake. From a cinematic aspect, it felt like you were immersed in this wild dream with Alexander. Alexander has a goal of one day becoming King but one day his father exiles him. He finds himself on an intriguing journey while tapping into his subconscious mind. He comes across a group of witches  who seduce him and he finds himself in a cross between a dream and reality. Ultimately it comes down to a battle within himself, can he conquer his mind and his life?

It is clear Ervin is passionate about his work. Not only did he create this amazing short film piece, he put himself in it as a main actor, which is what the most successful creatives of our time do such as Tyler Perry or Viola Davis. We really loved how this story came to life, the producing, and acting all alike. The exquisite short film was very well done. 

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