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NFL Star Damar Hamlin is Winning in the Game of Life

NFL Star Damar Hamlin is Winning in the Game of Life

Earlier this week NFL star Damar Hamlin suddenly collapsed on the field in the middle of Monday night’s game with the Buffalo Bills. It shook the football world. Fans, friends and family have been praying for him.


Word quickly spread that Damar is awake as of Thursday. Dr. Timothy Pritts from UC Health has confirmed that Damar is neurologically sound and is responding positively to treatment. He is neurologically sound and can move his hands and feet, communicating with yes and no answers by shaking his head, nodding or writing brief notes. 


The Buffalo Bills star player is still on a ventilator and regaining consciousness, he was able to ask “Did we win?” as well as understand the response from Dr. Pritts was that he had indeed “won the game of life”.

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Doctors have praised the speedy recovery of the 24 year old. We are all very thankful that this beloved player’s health is getting better.

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