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REC Philly Expands with Help of $2 Million Diddy Investment

REC Philly Expands with Help of $2 Million Diddy Investment

With the help of a music artist and entrepreneur Sean “Diddy” Combs, REC Philly will be expanding to Miami in 2023. 

Maybe you’ve never heard of REC Philly, so we’ll catch you up. This company is a local startup based out of Philadelphia founded in 2015 whose sole purpose is to serve as a creative incubator and creative agency ecosystem. Their purpose of empowering independent creators to build sustainable and scalable business, putting their creativity at the forefront, and aim to develop both young artists and the creative scene.

There is a need for change within the entertainment industry. A typical move for people with big dreams whether singing, acting, writing etc. is to move to one of the large cities such as Los Angeles or New York City, chase opportunities and people, and hope success finds them. Thousands of people are chasing the same dream and therefore this is simply no longer realistic. REC Philly is here to give more people the opportunity to grow in their art and be truly independent as entrepreneurs of their field. 

In the future, independent creatives will cut out the middle men to collaborate with each other freely, helping each other to build, engage & monetize the audiences we love and love us back. We believe that creatives should create and own their future and we’re doing our part to facilitate this revolution,” is what the company says.

Diddy capital invested $2 million into REC leading the round and aiding in their current expansion. Combs Enterprises will not only utilize REC’s spaces but also plans to tap into the creative talent to amplify the brands under his umbrella. With his investment, REC joins Combs Enterprises Portfolio of investments.

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“Our goal is to make sure that independent creators have the information, tools, and resources needed to win and level the playing field,” said Diddy in a press release. “This partnership is about the future of the creator economy and helping REC expand to serve more creators in cities and countries around the world.”

“Our key focus is turning artists and creators into creative entrepreneurs,” Will Toms, co-founder of REC Philly, said in an interview with Forbes. “We’ve known since the beginning that we weren’t just solving a Philadelphia problem. Access to resources, strategies, and opportunities is a global challenge for creatives everywhere, and with Diddy’s support, we’re excited to bring our solution to communities beyond our hometown of Philly.”

This truly is the beginning of a new era of entertainment that will be unstoppable and help a whole new population of individuals looking to make their mark in this world. REC Philly currently has over 1,000 members and brand partnerships, which include Live Nation, Comcast, Cashapp, and many others. 

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