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Ronnie Turner’s Cause of Death Revealed

Ronnie Turner’s Cause of Death Revealed

Ronnie Turner, the youngest son of Tina Turner, passed away on December 8 at the age of 62. Billboard has now confirmed the cause of death. Ronnie passed away as a result of complications from metastatic colon carcinoma, an advanced stage of cancer that starts in the colon and has metastasized to other areas of the body, according to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-office. Coroner’s The records also revealed that Ronnie had atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, even if it wasn’t his main cause of passing away.

Additionally, TMZ reported on December 9 that Turner called 911 after having respiratory difficulties. He attempted to receive CPR when paramedics arrived at his Encino house, but he passed away there, according to the report. Tina later honored her son in a post on social media. She posted on Instagram, “Ronnie, you departed the earth far too early.” I close my eyes in grief and think of you, my precious son.

One of the four sons of the legendary rock star was Turner. Craig Turner, his brother, committed suicide in 2018. When TMZ first broke the news of his passing, the media outlet stated that the cops had responded to a complaint that Ronnie was not breathing and had attempted to revive him with CPR before arriving on the site. The renowned “The Best” singer posted on Facebook to express her sorrow for her youngest son, who she had with her late ex-husband Ike Turner. You left the world way too soon, Ronnie. I close my eyes in sorrow and think of you, my dear boy,” she wrote.

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Ronnie Turner’s wife, Afida Turner, also shared a series of photos of her late husband with the description, “MY GOD RONNIE TURNER A TRUE ANGEL HIUGE SOUL HIGHLY SPIRITUAL MY HUSBAND MY BEST FRIEND MY BABY IYOUR MUMMY,” on Instagram. I tried my hardest to save you this time, but despite loving you for 17 years, your nurse, this tragedy is very, very bad. I am furious. You, along with your brother Craig and your father Ike Turner and Aline, should be resting in paradise. It’s so unfair.

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