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Septimius the Great Prepares for Grammy Season with New Music and Upcoming Shows

Septimius the Great Prepares for Grammy Season with New Music and Upcoming Shows

A talented music artist, actor, and producer Septimius the Great has multiple projects that have already been released or are in the works for fans to look forward to. 

Septimius dropped an afro-beats song on September 7th which is a collaboration with Liberian Artist Bexter Richardson and produced by a Nigerian producer. The special thing about this song is that each person represents a different country but they came together for this single “Anything You Want”. The song is about a guy who meets a girl and offers to give her anything she wants, meaning luxury, fashion, and the good life. The vibe is “if you’ll be good to me, I’ll be good to you”. The song is available on all music streaming platforms.

What’s special about Septimius is that he does not limit himself in any capacity which is why he acts in addition to being a musician. He plays the character Tony in the movie Thirty which is now out for streaming on Watch Vim. Thirty is a biography drama television series. They are waiting on the green light for it to officially start streaming on Netflix which would happen in November or December. His next film Double Dekoi is a Hollywood Nollywood film in which he is a supporting actor. Half of this movie was shot in Nigeria and the other half in Atlanta. Double Dekoi will be released on December 1st on Netflix and Amazon Prime. 

The film Septimius is in that’s the most relatable to who he is and his brand is Severus The Black Caesar, a fictional biography television series about the real Roman Emperor from Africa (modern day Libya): Septimius Severus. The storyline is set in today’s modern time with a historical spin mixed in. He’s the executive producer of this film as well as the lead actor. This movie is being picked up by Disney Plus so stay tuned.

Coming next for Septimius is a slew of fashion shows and performances both as a host and musician. Recently he’s performed his international and famous single “I Am Fashion” almost weekly. The HAPAwards will be featuring him as an artist on the big stage on October 1st and he will also perform at “The LA Fashion Show” on September 30th. Other upcoming shows include:

Oliventa Couture on 10/13

Blaxicana Music & Fashion Festiva” on 10/14

Luminere Fashionweek on 10/21

The Muse Fashionweek on 10/28

Embassy of Fashion Designers Gala on Nov 25th

Septimius has big music release plans for the next several months with Grammy season coming up. First, he’s vying for a nomination for the single he released earlier this month “Anything You Want” and Grammy voting begins on October 10th. He hopes to get nominated or win for the 2024 Grammys coming up in February. Also in February, his new song featuring Jordin Sparks called “Moments” will be released. From there Septimius is releasing a new song every three months to keep the consistency for his fans and in preparation for Grammys 2025. Another song is called “Love is Love” featuring Angelica Ross and is a Pronoun Anthem for the LGBTQ+ community that will be released in June 2024. Then in September 2024 Septimius will release a song called “Nasty Boy” featuring Terrell Carter and Monét Anaïs as a tribute to Prince’s all girl group Vanity 6.

The hustle is real for independent stars like Septimius the Great. We wanted to know if there are any lessons he’s learned working in the entertainment industry that he can share with up-and-coming artists and actors and he stressed that it’s important to have thick skin in this industry for one. But the main thing he wanted to highlight is that it’s important to focus on what you’re doing and enjoy it rather than trying to be rich and famous. He says, “People will come in and out of your life that don’t have the best intentions or are jealous of you and distract you from your main goal. If your main goal is to have fun, you’ll be good, but if your main goal is to be rich and famous you’ll be hit with false hope, fakeness, and deceit. The best way to build and find your true passion is in your talent. He also added, “Don’t have an ego! There’s 10 million people doing what you’re doing, but not having an ego will make you stand out.”

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Septimius travels all over the world for his projects. Next, he’ll be in Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Atlanta for the Double Dekoi movie premieres. This movie premiere will also occur in Los Angeles. With music, he’s in full preparation for Grammys 2024 which means doing a tour up and down California to promote his new single up for a nomination “Anything You Want”.


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