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Talent Manager Tonita Bybee-Jackson Prepares Lawsuit Against Lamar Odom Over False Statements

Talent Manager Tonita Bybee-Jackson Prepares Lawsuit Against Lamar Odom Over False Statements

Hollywood Unlocked has reported that Lamar Odom’s manager Tonita Bybee-Jackson allegedly committed financial embezzlement against her client, notarized and forged documents, and attempted to take ownership of his family’s Brooklyn home which has been around for almost three decades.
Tonita clarified the story with Black Vine News regarding her dealings with Odom. The talented manager and business owner of Savvy Girl Consulting has always upheld her standard of professionalism when it comes to her clients and she shared that Odom and her family were particularly close.
In October of 2021, the former basketball star had given Tonita Power of Attorney over his Brooklyn estate should something ever happen to him. Tonita clarified that she did not have this power when he was attempting to save the home. Her proof of not using Odom’s likeness without his permission is in the fact that his Wells Fargo account had been negative for so long that it was eventually closed.
Hollywood Unlocked’s article further states that ‘Bybee was terminated as Odom’s manager in May of 2022 but she kept booking work and accepting payment from him even after being dismissed, according to legal documents. It is also alleged that Tonita used Odom’s name, signature, email addresses, social media accounts, and social security number without his permission.’
Tonita responded by saying she was never terminated and Tonita presented evidence (obtained by BVN) of her still being employed as his manager. No records of Odom officially dismissing her can be found. Consequently, Tonita is taking legal action against defamation and has filed a counter lawsuit for a sum of $10 million.
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