TALUS is changing the future of music scene by focusing on Gen Z

If you are a music artist, you want to keep a lookout for Talus. He is known for spotting major talent on the rise. Talus then uses his quality playlist to build their music on streaming platforms. It was interesting to know how he first got started but then it all made sense when he shared his story. Talus started on radio in 1997 but he left because he knew exactly what he wanted to do. He found a passion for finding artists and managing by giving the artist a digital solution. Then he created Word of Clout Media, LLC. Talus said, “Radio wasn’t a canvas only a template.” Meaning you really have no say so on what goes on radio. You are given a playlist and that is what listeners hear. When you control the playlist now you are showing the listeners the next Rihanna or Jay Z. You control all that and it plays a huge part in an artist’s career.

His unique playlist has a little bit of everything from hip hop, R&B, reggaeton and country. I asked Talus what makes his playlist so unique. He said, “It’s because of the attention to detail from the decision making and onboarding of a record to the song sequencing on playlists. Coming soon we’ll be expanding our playlist portfolio to include exclusive curation collabs with your favorite artist, producer, or athlete. Also, I’m really interested in the African and Asian music markets. We see tons of interest there so that’s where you’re going to see a good amount of focus in the future.” They have big plans to be a hub for creators so if you are an artist stay tuned.

For those of you interested in knowing what he looks for in an artist, do not worry, I asked him. He said, “I look for who’s throwing that curve ball that makes us rethink what normal looks and sounds like. I search for disruptors that innovate, which in my opinion is directly responsible for forward momentum in the music space.” Now for people who hit a wall creatively or professionally, he says, “To the creatives that feel they are in a slump, unappreciated or marginalized just remember it is never too late to level up take that scary plunge and trust you’ll out the other side empowered.” For his radio colleagues he hasn’t forgotten about you, he says, “I just want to tell my fellow creatives in radio that WE are the platform not the other way around. As we continue to move towards the personalization of content, the creator is the platform and our ability to develop unique communities around us is the inevitable future of social content.”

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Every time I write an article, I get so inspired that I want to know what advice they want to give to people that look up to them. Talus said, “I would tell them to look inward instead and ask themselves the hard questions that will eventually reveal what your true calling is, but you have to be honest with yourself to get to that clarity.” Talus is married and has a five-year-old so being able to do this business and spend time with his family, stress free without corporate deadlines is the goal. I am so excited for Talus and what the future holds for his business. I will be sure to give a good recommendation to artists I know since I am a radio personality too. Thank you, Talus, for all your advice for the artists and us on the radio.

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