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“The Christmas Princess” a perfect book for your kids this Holiday Season

“The Christmas Princess” a perfect book for your kids this Holiday Season

We are officially deep in the holiday season and holiday spirit with Thanksgiving having just passed. 

If you have already started your holiday shopping, you might want to consider getting an adorable new children’s book “The Christmas Princess (The Adventures of Little Mariah)”.

“The Christmas Princess” tells the story of ‘Little Mariah,’ who sets out to spread holiday cheer to her family and friends by using the gift of her voice. 

The book was written by new author and singer Mariah Carey with the help of Michaela Angela Davis, and illustrated by Fuuji Takashi.

A tweet in regards to the release by the music artist said, “I can’t wait to bring you into the Adventures of Little Mariah”.

Christmas is no doubt a successful time of year for the superstar, generating millions of dollars every year for the song “All I Want for Christmas is You” alone. 

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She recently lost a battle with her fight for the trademark “Queen of Christmas” as other singers like Elizabeth Chan who also release Christmas music every year have. The  US Trademark Trial and Appeal Board denied it and will not allow other names such as “Princess of Christmas” or abbreviations “QOC”.

This children’s book can be found on Amazon.

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